About us | Empowering organisations to become more responsive.

We empower organisations to become more responsive by enabling them to adopt, embed and evolve Agile ways of working.

Our teams work in partnership with our clients to create and deliver tailored solutions, which combine consulting, coaching, practitioners and training services. We provide these services as part of our four specialist practice areas, aligned to each stage of your Agile journey: Innovation, Lean Agile, Scaling Agile and Business Agility.

We’re different because we deliver Agile in an agile way. And we’re obsessed with achieving value. This helps you to deliver rapid, measurable improvement, accelerate time to market and compete in smarter ways. On a global scale.

We have British roots that go back to the late 1990’s. Today our teams work globally with local and international clients of all sizes, out of office hubs based in the UK, USA, Portugal, Pakistan and Finland. Our experience spans many different sectors, both public and private, and we work with leading brands including Capita, Slimming World, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen Financial Services, Porto Editoria and Critical Techworks.

Radtac is recognised by our clients as the place where smart, ambitious people – who value their integrity and independence – want to work. Our success comes down to our people.

We aim to attract great people who are committed to our values, who are experienced and capable of making our clients’ vision of a modern dynamic workplace a reality.

Our people wear their Radtac certifications as a badge of honour; a quality standard that identifies them as the best talent to work with our clients.

Our selection process is designed to identify talent with deep technical knowledge, combined with the unique blend of people skills that differentiates a Radtac coach, consultant, trainer or Radtac Certified Practitioner from the rest.

We’re all about empowering organisations to think and work differently so they can deliver more value faster. We give our people a clear purpose, the autonomy to deliver and the time to hone the mastery of their skills.

We’d love to hear from you to talk about your next career move.

Contact us: people@radtac.com

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Our people

We aim to attract great people committed to our values and capable of making our clients’ vision of a modern dynamic workplace a reality.

  • Sean Moir

    Sean Moir

    Senior Consultant
    An Agile Coach and Certified ScrumMaster Sean provides guidance and support for the uptake of Agile and Lean Principles, Processes and Practices within Software Project Management and Development. He helps organisations wishing to make the transition to, or improve their Agility.
  • Stephanie Rowe

    Stephanie Rowe

    Account Delivery Coordinator
    Stephanie has come from a team management and customer engagement and support background. She thrives off the satisfaction of getting a happy customer. Stephanie is a Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Prince2 qualified. Stephanie has a calm, laid back approach and works well under pressure. She worked for a concierge service many years ago and had to assist with arranging for a clients dead dog to be removed from his swimming pool late on a Friday night! Stephanie’s proudest working achievement was overhauling a customer support function in her previous role to take their instant chat first response time from 5.5 minutes to just 15 seconds on average every month. “I am so passionate about problem solving and delivering an outstanding customer experience. I love building relationships and really getting to understand our customers needs. Being part of Radtac I am given the encouragement and support to grow from with in our business. This is absolutely essential to be able to progress and I am really keen to be able to share this way of working with our clients so they too can reach their full potential.”
  • Stuart Young

    Stuart Young

    Innovation Practice Lead and Trainer
    Stuart is a professional live illustrator with extensive traditional/ Agile Project management experience and a deep-rooted appreciation for Agile Principles and Methodologies. He has harnessed his creative skills to translate concepts and processes into engaging visuals during workshops, events and conferences. With international notoriety within the Agile Community, Stuart has provided his services at various Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings/ Retreats. In addition he has illustrated at an endless list of popular Agile conferences such as the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, the Lean Agile Scotland Conference and the London Lean Kanban event. By combining both creative and analytical skills Stuart contributes to team visioning/ planning workshops and retrospectives by offering captivating visuals that crystallise ideas and learning. When he’s not coaching, delivering training and live illustrating, Stuart is running a number of ‘Innovation through Visualisation’ workshops to support individuals to gain the confidence to draw and collaborate effectively. The newly gained skills assist teams to solve problems and map ideas with the use of graphic metaphors and additional visualisation techniques. Stuart joined Radtac in 2015 where he continues to assist individuals, teams and organisations with an array of visualisation services.
  • Sue Skinner

    Sue Skinner

    Business Support
    Sue currently works as part of the business support team in the fast-paced Kent office. From here she communicates with all of the company’s offices ensuring the smooth running of all administration as well as supporting finance when necessary. Sue spent over 35 years with NatWest Bank where she worked on putting together a new account opening process for commercial clients, where she demonstrated her initiative, dedication and proactive nature. Sue has gained her BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile and is effectively adapting to the Radtac way of working whilst ensuring quality in all that she does.
  • Sukie Kang

    Sukie Kang

    Principal Consultant and Trainer
    Sukie has over 20 years experience across a wide variety of industries. Starting out as a network administrator, he has worked as a technical architect, in project and programme management and set up the Global PMO for a global organisation. More recently he works with organisations who are undergoing a transformation of ways of working. He has worked with leaders and teams to adopt lean principles and the Agile mindset. Well-travelled, he has lived in 4 European countries and has worked closely with teams on 5 continents. A self-confessed technology geek but is obsessed with customer experience and customer value. As well as his native English, he also speaks some Spanish, Dutch and Punjabi. Sukie also has an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK. In his personal time, he takes a keen interest in clean energy, EVs and consumer technology.
  • Thomas Friend

    Thomas Friend

    Agile Coach and Trainer
    Tom Friend is an Agile Coach and Trainer, a retired military pilot, small unit leader, and squadron commander. He is an accomplished Agile consultant, trainer, and coach with 23 years’ experience leading software development teams in various industries, including federal, banking, cable, telecommunications, and energy. He has 12 years hands-on Agile / XP / Scrum / software development experience.  Tom is a distinguished graduate from Air War College and has a BS in Aeronautics.
  • Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson

    Principal Consultant and Trainer
    Tim is an experienced Agile Project Manager, SAFe Programme Consultant and Coach. He is passionate about business transformation and building products that teams put the user at the heart of the solution.
  • Tom Sedge

    Tom Sedge

    Principal Consultant
    Tom is an Organisational Therapist specialising in end-to-end Product & Service delivery via Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking. His vision is a world where work is fun, meaningful and transforms lives inside and outside each organisation. His mission is to turn slaves of the system into masters of their destiny. He works in both the private and public sector, using his 20 years of experience to navigate the challenge and pain of transforming mindsets, cultures and long-standing operational practices. He understands that sometimes the hardest part of change is persuading people to drop their defences, see things differently, take action and try something new. Using his extensive training and skills in persuasion and negotiation, he is comfortable working in strongly political environments. Tom has spent the last 5 years specialising in the broader organisational challenges extending well beyond the traditional territory of a single delivery team, including:
    • How to define and track delivery of value across the organisation.
    • How to prioritise effectively when far too many projects are running.
    • How to optimally configure people and the workplace for collaboration.
    • How to lead and coordinate multiple projects and programmes.
    • How to handle line, performance/reward management with Agile teams.
    • How to reduce budget risk whilst promoting freedom and creativity.
    He started out running a local Internet Service Provider, then built his own 8-person IT training/software consultancy business. Later he was a software developer, project & programme manager - directing multi-million pound portfolios - before becoming a coach, consultant and trainer. He knows both entrepreneurial and operational challenges. His advice comes from real experience. He enjoys working with ambitious senior managers and leaders who are passionate about improvement, serious about change and ready to take action. His work is customised to each organisation’s needs using real and relevant examples. Tom’s goal is to help people design and deliver products fit for the modern digital, mobile and social world, whilst paying equal attention to the needs of customers/end users and internal delivery staff. He teaches people simple principles and practical techniques that serve them throughout their careers, creating a feedback-driven learning culture with responsibility and ownership, innovation and ability to respond to change. His focus is to transfer his knowledge and experience as quickly as possible, minimising any long-term dependency on external help. The result is an end-to- end alignment of the organisation that drives growth, delivers value faster with better quality and lower costs.
  • Victor Page

    Victor Page

    Vic has a wide experience of delivering Information Systems projects within traditional and Agile development environments. He also has considerable experience in the development, implementation, assessment and validation of foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the public and private sectors. Vic is a Chief Examiner at APMG-International for Agile Project Management and a Training and Accreditation Director for the DSDM Consortium.
  • Vivek Krishnan

    Vivek Krishnan

    Vivek is an enthusiastic, adaptive and fast-learning person with a broad and focused interest. He truly enjoys the collaboration with other team members from different disciplines, to develop new skills and solve new challenges. Vivek understands the strategic value of technology, and gets a buzz from building tech-savvy teams and organisational cultures.

Our clients

Modern business environments favour companies that are able to sense, respond and innovate to changes while executing their strategy. Take a moment

Modern business environments favour companies that are able to sense, respond and innovate to changes while executing their strategy. Adoption of agile or any other principles and practices…

Modern business environments favour companies that are able to sense, respond and innovate to changes while executing their strategy. Adoption of agile or any other principles and practices…

Modern business environments favour companies that are able to sense, respond and innovate to changes while executing their strategy. Adoption of agile or any other principles and practices…


As a growing business, we are constantly on the hunt for the best and the brightest people in the industry.

What's it like to work for Radtac?

  • Radtac is widely recognised as the place where smart, ambitious people, who value their integrity want to work.
  • Radtac is a successful company because of the skill, energy and dedication of our team.
  • We understand that our people are also our future so everyone is encouraged to play an active role.
  • Could you become part of the next phase in the company’s growth?

Radtac Uni

Organisational culture starts with true leadership that consistently:

  • Balances demand with delivery capability, through ruthless prioritisation and ongoing identification and addressing of constraints.
  • Visualises work end-to-end, as seen through the eyes of customers
  • Encourages constant attention to results, learning and improvement
  • Balances demand with delivery capability, through ruthless prioritisation and ongoing identification and addressing of constraints.

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