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Reinvent your business

Redefining your business model by eliminating waste and accelerating the flow of value right through to your customer is what modern business is all about. The challenge is: how?

Connecting islands of agility across your organisation is critical to achieving a high performance, lean business. This means turbo-charging the adoption of Agile ways of working across your entire business to plan, market, sell, approve and distribute your products and services.

You may already operate agile teams, you may be introducing Agile working across functions like talent management, marketing and procurement; or you may be ready to take agility to the next level across your business geographies. Partner with our business agility team to progress Agile ways of working, thinking and leading in your business.

Together, we’ll accelerate the flow of value across your entire organisation into the hands of your customers. We’ll help your organisation turn waste into customer value by easing friction between collaborating teams and functions in your enterprise.  And we’ll empower a lean, fast moving organisation that commands its own customer success.

Foster friction-free collaboration

Accelerate business domain agility

Inspire end-to-end high performance across your lean enterprise

Reduce cross-boundary friction by increasing collaboration and productivity for agile product teams who interact with more traditional business functions, using: Enable Agile ways of working, thinking and leading for domains including Talent Management, Finance, Marketing, and Procurement, with: Empower end-to-end enterprise-wide agility. We can support you in many ways, including:
  • Agile awareness, collaboration training and consulting for the functions and teams who interface with the Agile product organisation.


  • Domain-specific training, coaching and consulting to empower Agile ways of working
  • Domain role and behavioural training, and coaching focused on Lean Agile leadership, culture stewardship, change, mindset and communication.
  • Enterprise-level systems consulting and coaching to eliminate waste and supercharge the flow of value across your organisation right into the hands of your customers.


Get started in business agility

Get started by evolving Agile ways of working with the business domains that are critical to your value chain.

HR agility

Finance agility

Marketing agility

Leadership agility

Sustainable enterprise agility requires new skills, new roles and new ways of working.  Many people-focused departments first learn about Agile ways of working by supporting Agile teams in product development. Agile means new roles, employee development needs and approaches to performance management. Capitalising on emergent change in the marketplace requires a new perspective on how businesses budget, fund and manage their finances. Instead of annual “big bang” budgets that lock in spending plans months in advance, use adaptive financial processes to enable you quickly to adjust your financial course. The customer-centric focus in Agile ways of working has strong roots in marketing.  Instead of monolithic campaigns that bet the business on one good idea – agile marketing teams run numerous experiments with quick feedback loops to drive rapid, impactful results. An Agile transformation is not something that can be delegated.  You don’t manage agility – you lead it. At every level of the modern agile business, ways of working and thinking need to evolve to support fast moving, responsive Agile teams.

Services and solutions

Many organisations recognise the importance of creating an agile, lean enterprise – and its rewards. The time to start is now. Our business agility team will work in partnership with you to develop the right solution for your organisation, using a combination of our consulting, coaching, practitioner and training services.

Learning and Development

Coaching and Consulting

Teams and People

Train and educate your teams and leadership in the framework, method and technique of your choice, using our quality assured, globally recognised, certifiable learning modules. Talk to us about our courses: Get support from our expert Coaches and Consultants to address executive, team, and enterprise-level challenges to improve the way you work, learn new skills, and give you confidence to succeed. We can help you in many ways, through: Bring someone with new and verified experience into your teams to support your organisation’s journey towards improved agility. Our people are fully supported by the Radtac team and will enable you to gain new skills and knowledge.
  • Lean Agile leadership
  • Leadership essentials for Agile executives
  • Executive briefings on select business agility topics
  • Agility for talent manager professionals
  • Agility for procurement, contracting and legal professionals
  • Lean Agile finance
  • Leading Agile change
  • Assessing & evolving Agile cultures
  • Agile metrics, reporting & governance
  • Systems leadership: business value & flow
  • Implementing and evolving agility in enterprise business domains


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Why business agility?

“The only constant in business is change. And the world is changing more rapidly than ever before. To thrive, organisations must leverage this change to create new value for their customers. It is only high-performing, adaptable, empowering, and agile organisations who can achieve this. We call this Business Agility.” – Evan Leybourn, Founder, Business Agility Institute

Partner with Radtac


Choosing the right partner to guide you through your agility journey is a key factor in your success.

At Radtac, we have an extensive network of experienced Agile coaches, consultants, practitioners and trainers. Our expertise covers all the major frameworks and approaches. We are framework agnostic, which means we partner with you to find the right approach that works for your business in your market.

Radtac’s Business Agility solutions integrate with our wider offerings in Innovation, Lean Agile and Scaling Agile. This enables you to benefit from a holistic approach on your journey towards adopting, embedding and evolving Agile ways of working.


Talk to us

Virpi Rowe, CEO Radtac FinlandVirpi Rowe

CEO Radtac Finland & Business Agility Practice Lead

Whether you’re about to embark on a new stage in your Agile journey, want to realise more, or you just want some advice, please drop us a note.





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