DevOps | Create continuous product improvement.

Create continuous product improvement

Create an organisation capable of delivering high quality products and improvements regularly to your consumers. This is not a myth of Agile, DevOps enables your organisation to deliver and adapt products in almost real time.

Project Delivery or Product Delivery?

Project delivery can be very easily broken down into three phases:

  1. Define
  2. Build
  3. Release

This is the typical project based approach to delivering solutions to solve what we believe are our goals and problems. Put another way a project approach is quite simply:

  1. Start
  2. Middle
  3. End

While entirely logical, there is a snag with this way of working. Most if not all of our business goals are driven by a need to deliver products to consumers in order to generate revenue to keep our businesses alive. The project approach does not easily cope with change especially in volatile reactive markets.

A product based approach is an acceptance that our projects do not end until the product does. Quite a subtle but powerful difference. It’s easy to forget but we must remember our products evolve and change overtime.

So what is DevOps?

As the name suggests, DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations to build a super product delivery organisation with the aim of delivering high quality products regularly to your consumers.

When we start to think about product delivery, we shift our thinking for delivery to look more like this:

  • Define, Build, Release, Monitor, Learn

We have turned our flow into a giant feedback loop. We have also added two further crucial steps to enhance our feedback opportunities:

To understand how our products are being used by our consumers, and how they perform in our live systems.

Now we understand how our product is being used we can start to learn and adapt from this information. This is crucial to enhancing and making strategic changes to our products.

These additional steps traditionally lie in between operations and product departments whom are completely separate from the development organisation. This is where DevOps succeeds in combining Agile culture and behaviours with technology focusing the organisation as one unit towards high quality repeatable product delivery.

How we can help

We can assess your readiness, work with you to build a plan and then mentor your teams through the challenging and rewarding process of change – all in a way that is tailored to your organisation’s culture, context and needs.

We have provided consulting services to some of the most innovative global brands, known for their industry ambition and ability to grow and change. We have the expertise and energy to introduce and accelerate transformation, demonstrate its value, and to enable your people to become self-sufficient from a single team to the entire organisation.

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Why Radtac

Radtac is the only company who specialises in enabling your organisation to improve product development via Scaled Agile, Lean, Kanban and DevOps; and the only company who has the breadth and depth of experience in many diverse markets and sectors.

We have an integrated set of services that includes training, transformation consultancy, culture change and Certified Practitioners. We are the specialist for everything required to transform your organisation’s time to market capability.

Find out more about how Radtac has unlocked the potential of organisations, like yours, to significantly improve product development.

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