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Digital Transformation

Digital solutions are only now, since the first decade of the nineties,  really taking off in their real world applications for the whole of humanity. Prior to this point digital solutions were used and had a huge impact on society, however the true transformation to digital capability within all aspects of society is only happening now.

Our view is that there are fundamentally two types of organisations in the world today: organisations that are inherently computing or digital organisations, and organisations that fundamentally rely on their computing or digital capability.

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way organisations interact with their markets and interact within themselves. In the second decade of the nineties any organisation without a digital transformation focus will fall behind their competitors extremely quickly and ultimately go out of business.

In many markets effective digital transformation equals survival of the organisation.

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In 2013 MIT Sloan Management and Cap Gemini performed a study involving over 1,500 executives in 106 countries, the key finding  ‘… shows that the opportunity offered by new digital technologies is clear. 78% of respondents feel that digital transformation will be critical to their organisation within the next two years. Where digital transformation is a permanent fixture on the executive agenda, 81% of people believe it will give their company a competitive advantage. However, business leaders are struggling to translate this opportunity into a vision for change or a roadmap for execution. 63% of people said the pace of technology change in their organisations is too slow.’

The message from MIT’s analysis, and Radtac’s experience of being involved in many Agile enabled digital transformations over the last decade, is clear. Enabling the technical capability for digital capability is complicated, however, transforming the organisation, the culture, the values fast enough to stay competitive is extremely complex.

There must be a better way

We have worked for numerous and diverse clients. Our work ranges from supporting conferences for the Scrum Alliance, to enabling senior teams in large multinational organisations to communicate across their whole organisation.

Digital transformation, by its nature, typically means transformation across whole business value chains (Systems Thinking/Lean) rather than discrete changes to parts of the system (e.g. enabling TDD – Test Driven Development).

The key challenge isn’t selling the value of digital transformation. The key challenge is to achieve digital transformation across the business value chains fast enough.

Digital transformation must be delivered in a way that is:

  • Delivering the right things in a scaled manner across the business value chain
  • Delivering the right things in the right way – reducing waste
  • Delivered fast and well

‘There is only one way to deliver an effective digital transformation and that is by employing the practices found in Systems Thinking, Scaled Agile, Lean and DevOps.’

Peter Measey, Radtac CEO

However, as with many things, setting the appropriate focus is a balance with other factors within the business. There is little point in having a digital transformation that is too slow, or a transformation that runs the risk of causing the organisation to fail.

Integrated Agile Diagram

Why Radtac

Radtac specialises in change and transformation using the tried and tested practices found within Systems Thinking, Agile, Kanban, Lean and DevOps. We can deliver anything from discrete change initiatives in parts of the business (e.g. optimise testing capability within the Information Technology department), to full business capability transformation across the business (e.g. Digital Transformation). We are the only company who has gained the breadth and depth of digital transformation experience across many diverse markets and sectors since 1998.

We can offer you a complete portfolio of services that includes training, transformation consultancy, culture change and Certified Practitioners. We are the go-to specialist for everything required to improve your organisation’s digital transformation capability.

Find out more about how Radtac has unlocked the potential of organisations, like yours, to successfully deliver digital transformation. Contact us today.

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Since 1998 we have helped numerous private and public sector organisations worldwide to deliver excellent transformations using Systems Thinking, Scaled Agile, Lean, Kanban and DevOps. Read some of our case studies here and see what others say on our testimonials page.

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