A four step process to make Dev Ops adoption quicker and more effective whilst minimising risk and failure


Radtac have 25 years of Agile implementation experience and are DevOps specialists

AWS landing zones are a problem everyone needs to solve

Watch how we fix this in minutes

This short video gives you a tangible understanding of how we can begin building scalable, flexible infrastructure to help you and your teams to overcome the typical challenges of legacy systems.

Building the skills for a post-Corona world

After Corona – DevOps for Lean Times

This white paper, complimentary with your private review with our Head of Dev Ops, focuses on how to address the increasing demands of the digitised economy. Covid-19 has accelerated the demand for rapid delivery of products and services.

Our Four Step Process for devops success

Your teams, your engineers, our process.

Step 1



Whether you’re new to Dev Ops, have a project you need delivering or are frustrated at your lack of progress, lock in your personal consultation now with our Head of Dev Ops and receive our white paper ‘After Corona – DevOps for Lean Times’.

Step 2



Over a 90 minute period our Head of Dev Ops Adoption will gain an understanding of:
1. Your key technical challenge(s)
2. The competency of your teams
3. You initial goals and challenges
4. Agree a key ‘next steps’ plan of attack.

Step 3


(Fast ROI)

DevOps is hard work. For 80 hrs we will put our squad of experts into your organisation to deliver 1 piece of value ten times faster than your existing process, to prove this CAN be done. This also builds confidence in your existing teams that they can do it too.

Step 4


(On-going ROI)

Dev Ops is a steep learning curve. We will now pair with your people (new and existing) to rapidly up skill and deliver value continuously, leaving you with core teams that can grow your competency in-house.


Enter your details below to book a private review with Our Head of Dev Ops and receive our complimentary white paper, ‘After Corona – Dev Ops for Lean Times’.

How we create DevOps Success

Accelerated Learning

How we build competency FAST

  • To put into place a software engineering pipeline that includes continuous delivery, automated testing, and infrastructure as code requires new skills. Here’s how we do it.
  • Our approach is designed specifically because we know teams learn faster from early success than repeated failure.
  • We provide your teams with an essential toolkit and working example architecture, that they quickly take ownership of.

Scalable, Flexible Infrastructure

New technology to end legacy problems

  • Cloud services are your escape route from the legacy infrastructure that is holding you back. We support you in building them.
  • We support you in reaching forward into new technologies and then scaling back to fit your technical architecture.
  • We bring an extensive ‘code library’ so all of your team can get building quickly and safely using rock solid code ‘building blocks’.


People deliver value, not technology alone

  • The people in the team matter most, we give them time to train in the skills required for the new world.
  • Culture is as influential as technology; you have to get both into shape which is why we pair with your teams for long term success.
  • We have punched through the steep Dev Ops learning curve already, multiple times. Taking teams on the journey from zero to high performing DevOps professionals.

about our head of devops

  • He has 18 years’ experience in the design and development of enterprise scale software applications and consumer facing products.
  • He is a hugely experienced Dev Ops expert and has built a cohort of expertise around him that deliver value at an astonishing speed.
  • He has worked with C-Suite decision makers on business critical projects for companies as varied as Hello Fresh, Vodafone and BBC Good Food.
  • In short, He can smell Dev Ops B.S. at a hundred yards with his eyes closed. He is a Dev Ops ‘doer’ not a Dev Ops ‘talker.’

Our Clients

If you are in financial services, telecom’s, technology, public sector or travel industry we have your back. Our broad range of Dev Ops experience helps us to quickly understand your needs and deliver high quality work in a short space of time.

About Us

Radtac have been providing training, coaching and consulting support to organisations large and small for over 25 years. We specialise in all aspects of ‘business agility’ and are particularly experienced in Dev Ops adoption including training, coaching and consulting. This means we understand how critical it is to develop solutions that meet business and employee needs.


Enter you details below to receive our white paper ‘After Corona – DevOps for Lean Times’ and book your complimentary, private conversation with our Head of Dev Ops