Increasing profitable sales | Drive Sales using Lean and Agile

Drive Sales

  • Everyone wants to increase profitable sales – but how?

    Marketing processes are increasingly driving digital transformation to identify the gaps between where you are and where you need to be and then closing them through fantastic user experience (UX) and customer journeys.

    Find out how to unlock potential sales with Radtac today.

Agile and Lean for fast delivery

  • Flexible ways to rapidly deliver fantastic customer experience

    Agile management techniques are often associated with software development, but the methods are increasingly being adopted by other business areas to transform customer experience and therefore profitability.

    Zara, the leading Spanish fast fashion retailer along with Uniglo and Topshop are radically changing the world of fashion retailing, often forcing traditional players to embrace change or be consigned to a kind of retail denial.

Rapid pace of change

  • Find out what customers want and give it to them quickly

    In 2004 the Havard Business Review – Zara commented “Zara’s practices may seem questionable, if not downright crazy, when taken individually”.  The authors go on to flag

    “The company can design, produce, and deliver a new garment and put it on display in its stores worldwide in a mere 15 days.”

    This rapid pace of innovation hardwired into the business has allowed Zara to rapidly meet customer demands and release the capital locked up in stock.


Releasing customer value fast

  • Inspect and adapt to continuously delight your customers

    Adopting Agile and Lean techniques needs people with skills and experience plus the willingness to examine the business model with an open eye. We can help companies with our full range of transformation services.

    We have the following services

    • More People with the skills to release products more quickly – Radtac Delivery
    • Unlock the potential of your teams with Radtac Training
    • Bring Lean and Agile thinking to your management using our Radtac Consultancy services
    • Visualise business transformation using Radtac Visualisation services

    Find out how Radtac can drive sales quickly today.

    Drive Sales

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