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Digital technology is transforming the Gaming & Leisure sector.

For example, online gambling has brought in a host of new online companies that have confronted the traditional high street gambling providers. Bookmakers have embraced the need to change, and change rapidly.

In the online gaming sector the importance of online delivery and speed to market have always been obvious. Less obvious has been the importance of scaling Agile techniques as the brands and businesses have expanded to meet customer demand.

Understanding customers and their demands in a world of digital devices requires a new range of skills and knowledge. These skills are often not found in traditional bookmakers and have forced companies to find a new approach to meet the demands of customer quicker and more effectively than their competitors.

The Pressures can be summarised as:

  • Dynamic new market entrants with in-depth digital expertise
  • Turbulent financial market
  • Shortage of highly skilled professionals with the right combination of specialist skills and knowledge of the broader business environment
  • Move towards tablet, and smartphone environments
  • Apps, Cloud and Big Data give the potential for competitors to offer niche gambling opportunities

William Hill Online logo “We have embraced Agile as a fantastic management tool over the past few years and we would like to think that our customers have benefitted greatly from this.”

Andy Lee, William Hill Online CEO


Radtac has worked with numerous clients in the leisure sector including companies from the Recreation, Entertainment, Sports and Tourism areas.

The move towards digital environments by customers has also had a huge impact on the Leisure industry. Companies have moved increasingly to digital services but many have found the costs and risks associated with digital product development hard to navigate.

With the new touch points including mobile and tablet devices, customers expect quick and satisfying answers via their preferred communication channels — before, during or after the trip.

New techniques, that Radtac specialises in, such as Agile, Lean and scaling, bring new products and services to meet customer demands quicker, cheaper and at lower risk. Our approach also allows your business to motivate teams and bring about the culture change to ensure your business transforms across the whole organisation rather than in pockets of excellence.

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There must be another way?

Digital forces have been unleashed. Companies need to adapt rapidly – but how?

At Radtac we embrace Agile – bringing customer value to the business quicker. Agile began life in software development but we have been applying the core principles embedded in Agile to the transformation of business performance.

We have worked with major clients in the gaming and Leisure sectors to deliver the following benefits:

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