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Challenges in Financial Services

The services world has been transformed by digital technology – none more so than the financial services sector. Financial Services companies must embrace change to survive.

FinTech and InsurTech are significant market disruptors that have fundamentally changed the financial services market. High street banks, for example, are having their high value business eaten away by digitally enabled competitors who are far more agile and innovative; able to deliver more at less cost and much more responsive to the fast changing market.

Traditional financial service providers, such as insurance companies, have been confronted with the threats that have appeared over the past decade:

  • Increasing regulation
  • Turbulent financial markets
  • New Agile niche competitors
  • Digital transformation of the business environment, including:
    • Big Data
    • Cloud
    • Mobile
    • Internet of Things.

“… working with Radtac enables us to develop from this position of strength and to take a step-change to deliver the additional benefits that Agile can provide.”

John Isgrove, Head of IT Development Division for CDL

Radtac - Banking and Financial Services

There must be a better way

Understanding customers and their demands in a world of digital devices requires a new range of skills and knowledge. These skills are often difficult for financial services companies to acquire. We can help.

Many financial services companies have been searching for a better way to drive down costs, increase innovative solutions, and bring these to the market quicker and more profitably than their competitors.

We have worked closely on transforming business for many organisations. We’ve helped companies build Agile teams through training and specialist staff. Deeper transformations have also embedded Agile throughout the organisation by embracing new culture and consulting programmes.

“There was a pressing need for us to change our software development model to a more effective and iterative style of delivery to suit both market demand and business prioritisation. Radtac helped us identify and implement an Agile approach supporting development practices, such as XP programming. This approach has helped improve our ability to focus on the most valuable items, consistently raise levels of quality whilst providing the business with clear progress on delivery. We will use Radtac again as we continue to develop our capabilities.”

Salvatore Cicero, CTO, Servebase (now PXP Solutions)

Why choose Radtac?

We specialise in rapid business transformations. We apply our in-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies to your specific needs resulting in measurable improvements in your business performance.

New techniques such as Scaled Agile, Lean, Kanban and Devops , bring new products and services to meet customer demands quicker, cheaper and at lower risk. Our approach also allows your business to motivate teams and bring about the culture change to ensure your business transforms across the whole organisation rather than in pockets of excellence.

“Radtac provided us with a great service that truly changed the way we view software delivery. This has been one of our most successful Business Transformation Programmes, Radtac were a huge help in enabling this to happen.”

Gareth Francis, Head of London Market Business Change, Hiscox

Who we work with

At Radtac we embrace Agile – bringing customer value to the business quicker. Agile started as a software development methodology, but we have been applying the core principles embedded in Agile to the transformation of business performance for major enterprise clients since 1998.

We have worked with numerous financial services clients including ones within the Insurance, Banking, Credit Card, Accountancy, Customer-Finance and Investment Fund management.

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