Innovation practice | Innovate products and services that your customers love.

Innovate products and services

Use innovation to take out the guesswork by investing in ideas that customers need, want and value.

Apply methods of Design Thinking, Service Design, Agile ways of working and visualisation techniques to focus on delivering true customer value. Foster creativity and team collaboration to innovate new products, services and business models that will keep you ahead of the curve.

And do this continuously by embracing experimentation and rapid learning.

Customer-centric Innovation

Lean Innovation

Business Strategic Innovation

Businesses must strive to deliver experiences that delight new and existing customers. The best products and services can only be designed around the basic needs, aspirations, motivations and behaviours of your end users.

Customer-centric Innovation helps to structure team interactions around a specific customer need, to strengthen empathy and align individuals to solve the right problems. This helps you to build the right thing. We can support you to achieve this using:

  • Customer journey mapping & storyboarding
  • Design Thinking
  • Visual Thinking


An appetite for relentless improvement is critical for organisations to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing world.

Through Lean innovation teams are encouraged to take a wholistic problem solving approach by applying systems thinking.  This will empower teams to focus on value demand, build better products and services faster, and increase productivity, minimising waste.

Equip your teams with such innovation tools such as:

  • Service blueprinting
  • Value stream mapping
  • Systems Thinking
Innovation is more than designing new products and technologies; it’s about competing in new ways by modifying existing and implementing new business models. Our team supports your senior leaders to foster a culture of innovation that encourages collaboration across your organisation’s ecosystem.

Business strategic innovation drives growth by focusing on delivering end-to-end value for your customers. Running experiments and generating new value propositions may require strategic partners to sustain competitive advantage. Take advantage of:

  • Business model innovation
  • Innovation Labs
  • Design sprints


Services and solutions

Our aim is to help your teams to balance discovery and delivery to build the right products in the right way. The very best products, services and business models can only be envisioned through collaborative engagement with key stakeholders, colleagues, partners and customers. This is why we create the perfect environment for shared learning, idea generation and problem solving.

We work in partnership with you to develop the right solution for your organisation, using a combination of our coaching, consulting, practitioner and training services.

Learning and Development

Coaching and Consulting

Teams and People

Train and educate your practitioners, teams and leadership in customer-centric, lean and business model innovation so that your organisation can stay ahead and focus on building the right thing. Our training options include:



Take services to market persistently, faster, and more successfully than ever before using Radtac’s end-to-end methodology.

Apply this methodology to rapidly and significantly improve live services.

Use our coaches to help embed these methodologies in your teams with:

Power up your innovation capability by embedding Design Thinking, Service Design and visual thinking expertise within your teams, such as:

  • Service Design
  • UX Design
  • User Research
  • Customer Design




Why innovate?

“Software innovation, like almost every other kind of innovation, requires the ability to collaborate and share ideas with other people, and to sit down and talk with customers and get their feedback and understand their needs.” – Bill Gates

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Partner with Radtac


Unlike some business focused service design providers that fail to get past post-it notes on a wall, at Radtac we blend innovation with agility, delivering customer-obsessed products, services and business models that deliver results.

We will help you to focus on what your customer values to enable you to achieve superior competitive advantage.

Our team has extensive knowledge in and experience of putting customers first through the use of customer centric, lean and business model innovation. We ensure this approach is embedded into your culture and ways of working for the long term, making tomorrow’s business even stronger.

Radtac’s Innovation solutions integrate with our wider offerings in Lean Agile, Scaling Agile and Business Agility. This enables you to benefit from a holistic approach on your journey towards adopting, embedding and evolving Agile ways of working.


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Innovation Practice Lead

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