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Building products and services right, getting them to market predictably and rapidly accessing new markets, is essential in highly competitive environments. Use Lean Agile to work more efficiently and effectively, keeping your focus on delivering greater value – and achieving superior competitive differentiation.

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Ready to scale?

Ready to start focusing on delivering value and improving delivery time? Lean Agile can help. Some of the ways we can support you include:

Agile already adopted in your organisation? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Improve your team’s Lean Agile capabilities to gain a shift in outcomes with:

Need to scale Lean Agile benefits across your business?

Enable collaboration and  align multiple teams across your Dev and IT organisation – and achieve even greater business results.

Learn how scaling Lean Agile across your organisation achieves this.

Services and solutions

By using a blend of our services. Our teams work in partnership with you to develop the right solution for you.

We start by focusing on a specific challenge, for example; training your development team in Scrum, or providing a certified Scrum Master to lead your team. From there, we’ll help you on your journey towards embedding Agile ways of working.

Learning and Development

Coaching and Consulting

 Teams and People

By using our globally recognised training. Educate your teams and leadership in Lean and Agile. Embed Lean Agile ways of working with the help of our coaches and consultants. Get started and boost your Agile effectiveness by embedding our experienced practitioners in your teams.
Explore some of our training options:
Some of the ways we can help you include:
Lean Agile Kick-starter
Readiness Assessment
Maturity Assessment
Flexible Lean Agile coaching & consulting packages
Scrum Masters
Product Owners
Agile Coaches
Agile Project Managers
Agile technical practitioners

The case for Lean Agile

“We were faced with unprecedented market change and an ability to respond through delivery. Radtac introduced us to an Agile approach that made the impossible possible. We are now delivering far more than anyone thought achievable a year ago.” – Managing Director, William Hill Online

Why Agile?

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Agile Foundations

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Why partner with Radtac?

At Radtac, our team has extensive knowledge in and experience of working with all the major Lean and Agile frameworks. Which includes Lean, Kanban, Scrum, DevOps, and XP. We are framework agnostic. This means we will partner with you to find the right approach that works for your business in your market.

Radtac’s Lean Agile solutions integrate with our wider offerings in Innovation, Scaling Agile and Business Agility. This enables you to benefit from a holistic approach on your journey towards embedding Agile ways of working.

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Alex Gray, Lean Agile Practice Lead

Alex Gray

Head of Training & Lean Agile Practice Lead

Whether you’re about to embark on a new stage in your Agile journey, want to realise more, or you just want some advice, please drop us a note.





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