Lean Agile Kickstart | Do you need to kickstart a Lean Agile team?

Our Lean Agile Kickstart is the answer for you!

Do you need to kick off a Lean Agile transformation or a team to get the most bang for your buck.  Then our Lean Agile Kickstart may be right for you.

Ideal for 1 or 2 teams, our Lean Agile Kickstart combines the best of our Training and Consulting services to point your teams in the right direction.

You start with 2 days of Training, followed by 1 to 3 days Consulting to help kickstart your agile way of working.  You can select the best combination of course and coaching for your teams.

First the training


We’ve selected our best introductory course, but feel free to explore others in our portfolio.

ICAgile Fundamentals: Scrum, Kanban & Lean

This two-day course introduces Agile values, principles, mindset and techniques of leading Agile methods including Scrum, Kanban Lean and XP. Through discussion, practical exercises and case studies this course will explore the business value, cultural change and potential pitfalls with Agile adoption. The course follows the ICAgile curriculum and qualifies for the ICP certification (ICAgile Certified Professional).

Course content

  • History and culture
  • Value-Driven development. Scrum, Kanban and Lean
  • Team building
  • Customer and User Involvement
  • Planning and Adapting

Maybe your teams need a more advanced course, or you would prefer a method specific course, then no problem contact us and we can discuss the options available.

Followed by expert consulting

As part of the Lean Agile Kickstarter, you will benefit of up to three days Consulting from the Radtac Certified Trainer, who has already gained insight on your organisation’s Lean Agile maturity during the training.  You choose how many days Consulting are appropriate.

The Consulting activities & outcomes:

  • Roles – we will guide your teams on which agile roles may be required and guide them on how to fulfil these roles
  • Frameworks – we will recommend an initial instantiation of agile frameworks & methods for you teams.
  • Organisation – often we uncover organisational impediments which may need to be addressed in the future. We can offer guidance and recommendations on how to address these.
  • We will help produce an initial transformation backlog which will contain suggested action areas.

Talk to us!

Alex Gray, Lean Agile Practice Lead

Alex Gray

Head of Training & Lean Agile Practice Lead

Whether you’re about to embark on a new stage in your Agile journey, want to realise more, or you just want some advice, please drop us a note.






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