Lean Agile Review | Use Lean Agile ways of working to see real business benefit.

Lean Agile Review

Do you need a Lean Agile Review?  Have you implemented Lean Agile but you are not seeing the benefits you were hoping for?

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms?

  • poor productivity;
  • poor employee engagement;
  • low quality product;
  • poor speed to market;
  • losing your position in the market;
  • losing the trust of your customers;
  • struggling to keep up with a changing in the market

Or maybe you simply want to implement Lean Agile and need guidance on where to start!


Our Lean Agile Review is aimed at organisations who are ready to start their Lean Agile journey, or those who are already running Lean Agile in their teams or organisation, yet they wish to identify opportunities for improvement.

Contact us and we will tune a Lean Agile Review solution to suit your specific needs.

The Radtac Key


The Radtac Key is a dynamic, adaptable, four-stage engagement model that enables Agile-based change. Our engagement model is based on more than 20 years of experience with transformation proven to deliver positive and successful change.

For this package we will only be using the first two stages of the Radtac Key.  Review, and Adapt.

The Radtac Key




We start by identifying your current state, your current organisational culture and desired outcomes.

We will do this through a workshop, a series of interviews and observations. The Workshop collectively gets key stakeholders to collaborate with key stakeholders in an open discussion forum that draws out group diversity of thought.

The interviews are based around 12 themes of Agility. They are c.45 minutes in length and get people to speak openly and candidly, allowing us to see things through the individual persons lens in a safe space.

We will observe any current agile meetings / events and the process the teams follow so we understand existing ways of working.  We will also examine any current agile artefacts and metrics.




Once we know where you are heading, we turn our attention to the best route.  It is at this point that we consider Lean/Agile methods and which mix of tools and practices will best suit your situation.  Every case is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  This mix is often grandly titled as your Agile Operating Model.

Throughout the engagement we will work to create a ‘Change Backlog’ of suggested team transformation tasks.


Engagement Conclusion

At the end of this Review and Adapt engagement we will produce a Recommendations Report which will contain

  • A change backlog, and a suggested Raodmap to Deliver and Track these changes.
  • Recommendation as to which mix of tools and practices will best suit your situation.
  • A list of measures that can be used to prove that change is happening.

The report will be played back to you in a Face to Face session, allowing you to absorb and ask clarifying questions of the team.

Talk to us!

Alex Gray, Lean Agile Practice Lead

Alex Gray

Head of Training & Lean Agile Practice Lead

Whether you’re about to embark on a new stage in your Agile journey, want to realise more, or you just want some advice, please drop us a note.






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