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'Agile Foundations' - Book

  • Written by Peter Measey, Radtac CEO, together with a team of world-class Agile practitioners and business transformation consultants, Agile Foundations – Principles, practices and frameworks is a comprehensive book that gives a rounded, unbiased view of Agile generically, not focusing on any particular Agile framework’s view.

    BCS Agile Foundations - Principles, Practices and Frameworks

    Agile practices transform the way organisations carry out business and respond to change. But to realise success, an Agile mindset needs to be adopted throughout an organisation, not just within the IT team. This book is aimed at those working in an Agile environment or wanting to understand Agile practices. Giving a comprehensive introduction to Agile principles and methodologies, it will enable readers to apply core values and principles of Agile methods in their organisation. This is the official textbook for the BCS Agile Foundation certificate.

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'Valuing Agile' - Book

  • Valuing Agile: the financial management of Agile projects – This publication addresses the needs of both Agile practitioners and financial managers. It is suitable for business sponsors and executives (including product owners), Agile project managers, Scrum masters, team leaders, project management office staff, and anyone else with an interest in the financial impact of Agile projects. By reading and understanding the chapters in this book, you will be able to better articulate the benefits of Agile in a clear and uncomplicated language. The book has been reviewed by Darren Wilmshurst, Director and Head of Consulting at Radtac.

    Valuing Agile book cover

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'The Agility Challenge' - Article

  • In an extensive article, originally published on InfoQ, Dragan Jojic discusses The Agility Challenge. While exploring what makes a difference between success and failure in today’s increasingly uncertain business environment, Dragan has come to the conclusion that, to be successful, a company needs to become an agile enterprise – and “being agile means you accept input from reality and respond to it”. To know which input to accept and how to respond to it requires everybody in the company to know what they are trying to achieve, understand why, be able to decide by themselves how to best do it and, most importantly, genuinely care that it gets done.

    Does your organisation exhibit these traits on ongoing basis? Is it evolving in line with its environment? Are your employees able to sense and respond to external inputs without managers having to tell them what to do? This is what Dragan calls “the agility challenge”. The goal of his article is to explore what a company needs to do to rise to that challenge and what common obstacles it needs to overcome.

    Read the full article on InfoQ.

Enterprise Agility - The Times | Special report


    Enterprise Agility supplement The Times has published a special supplement dedicated to Enterprise agility. Keeping pace with the fast-moving digital world whilst facing increasing customer demands has never been more challenging than today. Enterprise  agility is the key to meet market pressures, ensure faster response to change, reduce costs, and stay afloat of the competition.

    The Times has dedicated its supplement from September 13th to Enterprise Agility, in collaboration with Raconteur. The supplement explores through-provoking topics such as:

    • Seizing opportunities from uncertainty with Agile
    • Lessons from supply chain
    • Enterprises learning from agile startups
    • Turning disaster into opportunity
    • Pokemon Go – lessons on stellar agile product launches

    Download a free copy of the special report here.

Agile & Project Management | The Sunday Telegraph

  • Agile Project Management - Sunday Telegraph report The Sunday Telegraph published a special feature on the growing role of Agile in business, with a focus on Agile in Project Management. Between thought leading industry journalists and industry partners such as APM, the supplement covers topics like:

    • The growing role of Agile in project management
    • Demystifying Agile  and finding out if it is right for you
    • The revamp of PRINCE2
    • Digital transformation – a data- and fact-based infographic
    • The numbers behind Europe’s largest infrastructure project
    • The Agility required for business post-Brexit.

    Download a copy of the report here.

Is your business on the same page? | The European Magazine


    The European published an article written by Radtac’s own Darren Wilmshurst in which he discusses the risks of running a business across multiple geographies and how to achieve real alignment across the whole organisation. Darren identifies the 3 main challenges most large organisations are facing as:

    • Changes in the market and in customer demands
    • Lack of visibility and unpredictable delivery
    • siloed functions

    Read the full article to find out how to resolve these challenges.

    Download a copy of the article here.

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