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 ‘Agile Foundations – Principles, Practices and Frameworks’ gives a rounded, unbiased view of Agile generically, not focusing on any one Agile framework’s view. There are many Agile books available; however the majority of them discuss specific Agile techniques or specific Agile frameworks. While Agile frameworks have successfully been applied to business transformation projects, marketing, health service commissioning, and many other business sectors, this book mainly concentrates on Agile product delivery within the IT industry.

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BCS Agile Foundations - Principles, Practices and Frameworks ISBN 978-1-78017-254-5


Part 1 – Introducing Agile

  1. What is Agile?
  2. The Foundations of Agile
  3. Agile and the business
  4. Agile Myths

Part 2 – Generic Agile Framework

  1. Generic Agile Process
  2. Common Agile Roles
  3. Common Agile Techniques
  4. Common Agile Practices

Part 3 – Applying Agile Principles

  1. Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools
  2. Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation
  3. Customer Collaboration Over Contract Negotiations
  4. Responding to Change Over Following a Plan
  5. Simplicity

Part 4 – Agile Frameworks

  1. Major Agile Frameworks Explained
  2. eXtreme Programming XP
  3. Scrum
  4. Dynamic Systems Development Method DSDM
  5. Agile Project Management
  6. Kanban
  7. Lean Software Development
  8. Lean Start-Up
  9. Scaled Agile Framework SAFe

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“It’s refreshing to see a well-balanced review of Agile and its methods. A text like this is long overdue.”

David Anderson, Chairman, Lean Kanban, Inc.

“…particularly important for those considering adopting Agile as it allows informed decisions to be made and ensures the style of Agile chosen actually fits with the culture and constraints where it will be used.”

Mary Henson, Chief Executive, Agile Business Consortium

“This book outlines a pragmatic view across all Agile frameworks. Its approach is at the heart of how we continually evolve the delivery and cultural effectiveness of our organisation.”

Andrew Lee, Managing Director, William Hill Online

BCS Agile Foundations - Principles, Practices and Frameworks ISBN 978-1-78017-254-5

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