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Since 1998, we have worked with numerous organisations across both the public and private sector, including companies from the Financial Services, Gaming & Leisure, and various other private sectors. The services we provided ranged from specific, customised solutions to address a very well defined business need, up to service packages combining a complementary set of solutions targeted at problem areas across different areas of the business.

Below you will find a selection of case studies from clients we have worked with across various sectors.

Financial Services case studies

Our work in the Financial Services sector includes clients such as Standard & Poor’s, Servebase (currently PXP), City Index, Volkswagen Financial Services, NPBS, CDL, Churchill, Friends Provident, JLT and Hiscox. We are highly familiar with challenges faced by financial services organisations, including legacy-heavy IT systems.

Standard and Poors case study        JLT case study

City Index case study        Volkswagen Financial Services case study

Churchill case study

Friends_Provident case study              CDL case study

Hiscox case study           PXP Servebase case study

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Gaming & Leisure case studies

With clients such as William Hill Online, the case studies showcasing our work with the Gaming & Leisure sector will discuss change and business transformation within a highly regulated environment.

William Hill Online case study

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Public Sector case studies

Our clients within the public sector are a great example of how organisations can achieve more by focusing scarce resources towards their best use. Bristol City Council, for example, had the ambitious goal to achieve £112m in savings out of a £380m base. The Council was able to achieve savings not by cutting out projects and work, but by better focusing resources.

Bristol City Council case study                        Hult International case study

      Capita Sims case study

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More sectors

Along with the above sectors, Radtac has worked with clients from various other sectors such as Healthcare, Technology, Telecommunications and others. The case studies below stand as proof for the breadth and depth of experience we have gained from working with diverse clients, addressing challenges that span from legacy, IT, cost reduction and up to motivating your people.

Elekta case study        Rolls-Royce case study

United Health case study               Optimistic case study

NHS case study          Bupa case study

Nokia case study               Radtac Slimming World case study

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