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Scrum framework poster

Scrum, one of the world’s most popular and widely-used Agile frameworks, provides a basic framework consisting of 5 activities, 3 roles and 3 products.

The Radtac Scrum Framework poster provides you with a quick, visually engaging, 2-page overview of the Scrum process and its key elements. Need a quick reminder of the Scrum events, artefacts, or roles? Download the Scrum Framework poster and keep it at hand – it will remind you of the essential Scrum concepts.

Download the poster here.

Explore Visualisation services

From overcoming visualisation challenges, improving team collaboration and communication, up to engaging your audiences during meetings, workshops and conferences, we offer a wide range of visualisation services.

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Visualisation solutions from Radtac

Agile Nuggets

Agile Nuggets are a new series of illustrations from Radtac that aim to give you a visual nugget of agile information.

Agile Nuggets have moved!  Visit our new page here.

Graphic visualisation templates

A range of 8 useful and customisable graphic templates to help make your project development, ideas, and Agile projects more visible and engaging. Download these templates and save time in idea development and explanation, and bring your situational analysis to life. Increase team and stakeholder engagement by expressing your ideas in a visual way.

These graphic templates have been created by Stuart Young, Radtac’s visualisation specialist. During his experience as business visualiser, Stuart has identified the most common areas where visualisation can significantly improve collaboration and idea development within an organisation.

Download the graphic templates, customise them to express your ideas, and start harvesting the benefits of visualisation.

Graphic visualisation templates preview

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