Your Live-Online Training Experience

Your Tutor

Radtac’s Live-Online training is delivered by the same tutors that deliver our classroom training. You’ll have the same opportunities to engage with them during the course as you would within a classroom.

All of Radtacs Live-Online training courses have a behind-the-scenes facilitator to ensure the course runs smoothly from a technical perspective, allowing the tutor to concentrate on delivering high-quality training to the delegates.

Your Certification

The course you attend is still certified in the same way as its classroom counterpart. If your course requires a certification exam, this is still taken online once you have attended our online course.

The certificate your receive does not differentiate between classrooom or online based delivery.

Your Learning Environment

Radtac uses a suite of tools to create a virtual learning environment that is both engaging and collaborative. Our Live-Online courses have content tailored to the online nature of the training, ensuring you are always engaged with the content, tutor and your fellow delegates.

Course activities have been created specifically for online delivery and our tools allow delegates to collaborate in realtime on group based exercises as if they were in the classroom.

Your Peers

Radtac’s training events are known for their highly collaborative and engaging style, and the same can be said for our Live-Online courses. You’ll be able to collaborate and engage with your fellow attendees using conferencing and realtime collaboration tools.

Your Course Materials

As a delegate on a Radtac Live-Online course, you will receive digital versions of the appropriate course materials.

Additionally, you will receive digital versions of your activities once the course is completed.

All course materials are authorised by the appropriate certifying bodies.

Technical Setup

All tooling used has been chosen for it’s familiarity and broad compatibility with a variety of devices and operating systems including Microsoft Windows & Apple Mac products.

Prior to joining the course, you will be sent further details to allow you to ensure you have everything you need for a high quality training experience.

During the course, our facilitator is always on-hand to help with any technical issues.