Scaling Agile Practice | Every business is a software business now. Agility isn't an option; it’s a business imperative. But organisations struggle building big solutions.

Helping you deliver complex products and solutions

Digital disruption affects every organisation around the globe. The sheer technological complexity and scale of the required solutions mean today’s businesses need to have a fully aligned and optimised delivery capability.

But what does that mean in the real world?

  • As Forbes reports, digital disruption is ‘now a reality for most organisations’, and ‘more than one-third of executives say they are being directly affected by competition from digital and data-savvy players.
  • Beating these new entrants at their own game is imperative, but we know large enterprises struggle to do this.
  • Would a 30% – 75% faster time to market, a 25% – 75% defect reduction and 20% – 50% increase productivity help your business fight this attack?

For small organisations with one or two teams working on the same product or service, becoming more agile can help your teams deliver faster, get to market quicker, collaborate better, and make the stakeholders and customers happier.

What happens if your organisation is bigger, or your portfolio of products and programmes is larger and more complex?

Larger organisations will often have the same challenges as small organisations, such as delivering faster or communicating better, but amplified by the size of the organisation and the much greater number of teams.

When you have five, six or more teams working to deliver the same product or service, it becomes more challenging to maintain an agile way of working across your organisation and across all your teams. It becomes even more challenging when you have 10’s or 100’s of teams.  We have helped organisations in these situations.

This is when you need to scale Agile. Scaling Agile takes the proven results brought by Agile at the team level and extends it to the entire organisation. Its purpose is to ensure that all your teams work in an Agile way and are aligned around the same vision.

Thinking of scaling

Ready to scale

Struggling with scaling

Explore the many scaling approaches before embarking on your journey.



Scrum and Kanban are benefitting you at a team level. Explore how you can scale these experiences and practices to the entire organisation. Challenges are surfacing with your existing scaling approach. Explore how to re-set your scaling journey and realise value quicker.


Services and solutions

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach to scaling. Our teams work in partnership with you to develop the right solution for your organisation, using a combination of training, coaching and practitioners.

Learning & Development

Coaching & Consulting

Teams & Practitioners

Train and educate your business in scaling Agile frameworks. From Practitioner to Leadership. or focus on specific roles. Scale Agile with the help of our coaches and consultants. Boost your ability to scale Agile.  By embedding our expert practitioners in your teams.
Disciplined Agile
Scaling re-set
Scaling readiness assessment
Scaling maturity assessment
Leadership workshop
Value stream mapping workshop
Big room planning
Release Train Engineer
Product Managers
Product Owners


Get started with scaling Agile

“Radtac truly empowered us and changed the way we view software delivery. This has been one of our most successful transformation programmes – and Radtac was a huge help in enabling this to happen.” – Head of London Market Business Change, William Hill

Major bank transforms over multiple continents

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SAFe® 4.6 Introduction

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Is your business on the same page?

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Why partner with Radtac?

Choosing the right partner to guide you through your scaling journey is a key factor in your success.

At Radtac, our teams have extensive knowledge in and experience of working with all the major scaling Agile frameworks and approaches including the Scaled Agile Framework ® (we are a Gold Partner for Scale Agile Inc.), Large Scale Scrum, Disciplined Agile, Nexus and Scrum@Scale. We are framework agnostic, which means we partner with you to find the right approach that works for your business in your market.

Radtac’s Scaling Agile solutions integrate with our wider offerings in Innovation, Lean-Agile and Business Agility. This enables you to benefit from a holistic approach on your journey towards adopting, embedding and evolving Agile ways of working.

Talk to us

Darren Wilmshurst

Darren Wilmshurst

Head of Consulting & Scaling Agile Practice Lead

Whether you’re about to embark on a new stage in your Agile journey, want to realise more, or you just want some advice, please drop us a note.






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