Culture transformation | Ensure your organisational culture is aligned to your business goals and strategy.

Organisational Culture Challenges

Does your organisation exhibit the following traits on ongoing basis?

  • Are you able to evolve as fast as your business environment?
  • Do you know what your customers would like you to do next?
  • Are you aware of your delivery capability, i.e. how much you can deliver every month, quarter or year?
  • Are your employees able and willing to act without being told what to do by management?
  • Do you have effective leaders at all levels in your organisation?

This is what we call “the agility challenge” – the need for organisations to transform so that their structure and culture are aligned to their business goals and their strategy.

Organisational culture starts with true leadership that consistently:

  • Provides clarity and builds shared understanding of the business purpose
  • Encourages constant attention to results, learning and improvement
  • Visualises work end-to-end, as seen through the eyes of customers
  • Balances demand with delivery capability, through strict prioritisation and ongoing identification and addressing of constraints.

Organisational culture | Radtac

We will work with you to help you throughout your transformation journey towards building a more effective organisation.

Organisational culture solutions from Radtac

Radtac runs fixed-term engagements to bring our knowledge and experience of driving cultural change in companies such as William Hill.

“We were faced with unprecedented market change and an inability to respond through delivery.  Radtac introduced and skilled us in an Agile approach that made the impossible possible and we’re now delivering far more than anyone thought possible a year ago – and the attitude of our teams is transformed.  Everyone is far more positive now.”

Andy Lee, Managing Director, William Hill Online 
Winner of Best Use of Agile in the Private Sector 2014

We work closely with our clients to assess the business needs and barriers to business transformation. We then develop a custom-built programme that often includes the following interventions:

  • Coaching teams to use appropriate combination of Agile and Lean practices
  • Bringing experiences from the Agile teams to the programme level and sharing them across the entire organisation
  • Working with the Executive Team to initiate and support organisation-wide change
  • Identifying useful measures and measuring improvements at every stage.

Typical Results

  • Reduced lead times and increased speed to market
  • Better predictability leading to improved stakeholder engagement
  • Ability to effectively handle unknown business risk
  • Motivated staff and improved morale.

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Leadership Models and Tools

We use a combination of tools to guide you to your desired outcomes, including the following:

Value-Based Culture Assessment

The Value-Based Culture Assessment visualises your existing culture through the lens of Agile/Lean values to identify your organisation’s strengths and provide a platform for improvement. It is one of our continuous assessment tools for measuring and guiding culture evolution.

Agile Leadership Compass

The Agile Leadership Compass looks at your current leadership behaviours at different levels of the organisation through the eyes of your employees. It identifies value-adding behaviours and the ones that your leaders should reduce or stop doing. It also identifies the missing behaviours that would further improve your organisation’s effectiveness.

Leadership Training and Development Workshops

Our Leadership workshops help you articulate your organisational purpose, review your business priorities, visualise and balance demand with your delivery capability, and focus on your people to improve their relationships and interactions.

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Visualisation with Radtac

Work with us

Successful change is about unlocking staff potential to deliver business outcomes. The methods matter but they aren’t the goal. It’s as much about people as process. Too few consultancies understand this – they want to sell you their method, their solution – and promise it will magically change your world, without bothering to learn what’s unique about your organisation, understand your goals or take account of your particular constraints.  Above all, they are not interested in your people and their needs – and no change will ever succeed if hearts and minds do not go on the journey.

We have created ‘The Radtac Key’ to successful organisational change. Find out more now about how we work with you to unlock your organisation’s potential.

The Radtac Key

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