Services | A fully integrated portfolio of services to help you adopt, embed and evolve Agile ways of working.

Coaching and Consulting

Empowering your transformation. Our expert coaches and consultants help you to address challenges, improve ways of working and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

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Learning and Development

Agile training course

A fully integrated, comprehensive portfolio of certified and customised training. Our courses cover all the key frameworks in Agile, Lean/Kanban, Project Management, and Scaling.  Our portfolio also includes technical training. Courses are delivered in multiple formats. We deliver in a variety of ways to suit your needs: from courses at your location and/or at our training locations, to a fully managed service catering to all your training requirements worldwide.

Our training offering includes:

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Teams and Practitioners

Get started and boost your Agile adoption. Embed our experienced practitioners in your teams and accelerate your ability to deliver value. Radtac Certified Practitioners are proven, high calibre, high quality Agile professionals who deliver excellent results.

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Innovation Visualisation with Stuart Young

Successful organisational transformation requires business-wide alignment. Organisations need to deliver robust messages with clarity. This is where visualisation can help. Effective use of visuals is about ‘making the invisible visible’ in a simple to understand and digestible way. What if you could visualise your ideas, make it easier for others to relate to what you have in mind, keep stakeholders engaged and make team collaboration more effective?

Our Visualisation solutions cover a wide range of services, from senior management meetings and workshops, team meetings and workshops, conference live illustration, graphic storyboards creation, to ‘innovation through visualisation’ and ‘creative storyboarding for business’ workshops.

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