Agile Governance | Enabling Agile PMO as a catalyst for change.

Agile PMO

  • The Program Management Office is essential as the source of vital management information, governance and delivery process and guidance. The PMO can be a huge enabler, or blocker of Agile capability within an organisation. As a consequence, it is important that the PMO understands why Agile is being implemented, what the implications of Agile are and how to implement Agile effectively whilst integrating with PMO governance and practices.


    • PMO that understands the concepts of Agile, why we are doing it, what it is and how to do it
    • Understanding of how project portfolio and programme management fit into the Agile organisation and vice versa
    • Enable PMO as a catalyst for change
    • Define and implement Agile reporting across the organisation
    • PMO roles and responsibilities
    • Integration of the PMO into the overall Agile Operating Model(s)

Why Radtac

    • 18 years experience of implementing effective programme and project management with complex Agile environments
    • Access to fully integrated specialist Agile transformation services(consulting, coaching, training and visualisation) that cannot be provided by contractors or any consultancy or delivery organisation that doesn’t specialise in Agile

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