Coaching | Supporting teams, programs, portfolios, value chains, management and individuals.

Coaching tailored to you

  • At Radtac, we recognise that highly impactful coaching needs to relate to your people, your organisational challenges, and your business dynamics. That’s why we offer a variety of coaching services, each using specific approaches to explore challenges, question beliefs, and instil confidence.

    Our coaches support:

    • Teams – Radtac Certified Agile Team Coaches directly mentor Agile teams on a day-to-day basis, enabling the team to be self-sustaining as quickly as possible.
    • Programs – coaching for teams of Agile teams. The ‘Program’ concept is found within the majority of Agile scaling frameworks, and is implemented using anything from a simple ‘Scrum of Scrums’ concept to a fully featured ‘Agile Release Train’ in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework).
    • Value chains – coaching for people working at program level, who are involved in ensuring value is delivered to the business.
    • Portfolios – coaching for people working at the Portfolio level who are involved in ensuring that the business roadmap is defined and implemented using Investment Portfolios.
    • C-suite and senior management – providing senior management with a deep insight into enabling Agile ways of working and how to derive maximum value.
    • Individuals – personal coaching to empower effective leadership.


    • Teams demonstrate significant benefits quickly and effectively
    • Distributed and offshore teams work seamlessly
    • Agile is enabled across the teams and the ‘teams of teams’
    • Agile project managers are coached to work within a scaled Agile environment
    • Agile is enabled across programs
    • Delivery is clearly focussed on value
    • C-suite and senior management understand Agile and how to enable an Agile mindset
    • Transactional managers become transformational leaders
    • Communication strategy to enable transparency for stakeholders.

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