Measure Improvements | Assessing transformation and delivery success.

Agile measurement explained

  • Within our Agile measurement offering, we provide you with Consultancy support to define and implement KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measures of transformation and delivery success.

    Measurement drives behaviour. Trying to transform to an Agile way of working, which is essential to survival of many organisations, can be significantly enabled or blocked by the measures in place.

    For example, for the Agile organisation to flourish, it is essential to have a focus on delivery of value, the time taken to deliver value (value flow) and the satisfaction of customers, rather than on whether everyone is fully resource optimised all the time.


    • KPIs defined across the organisation that focus on Agile values
    • Measurement of Agile capability across the organisation (aligned to the Agile Operating Models)
    • Measurement of Agile cultural capability
    • Measurement of delivery capability across the organisation (aligned with the economic model)
    • Measurement of value delivery, speed to market of value (aligned with the economic model)
    • Measurement of customer satisfaction.

Why Radtac

  • Over 18 years experience of creating Agile measurement capability across small to very large enterprises vouch for our experience. By working with us, you not only have access to our dedicated expertise in a certain area, but you also gain access to a broad and fully integrated range of specialist Agile transformation services (consulting, coaching, training and visualisation).

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