Methods & Tools | Finding the right methods & tools for your organisation.

Methods & tools explained

  • No transformation is exactly the same as others. That is why finding the right methods and tools for your organisation can make or break your Agile transformation. We will help you select the right methods & tools for your chosen approach, and ensure that they are used with maximum benefits.

    First we’ll consider which Agile methods best suit the nature of the work in your organisation. It might be that your best solution comprises a combination of different methods, so we will work with you to find the right recipe. Different problems need different solutions, and different Agile methods can work great in combination whilst solving those different problems.

    If you are already using certain Agile methods, we will evaluate these and see if they are the best methods for you, or if you would benefit from changing them.


    • Assessment of any existing Agile methods used
    • Recommendation for the best suited Agile methods for your organisation
    • Creating a bespoke combination of Agile methods to fully match your needs
    • Choosing the right methods or combination of methods for maximum return on investment.

Why Radtac

    • We’ve got real-life and in-depth experience of the various Agile methods, so we have full knowledge of each method’s strenghts, being able to match that against your business needs.
    • We are method and tool agnostic, which means that we will always recommend what’s best for you, and not favour a certain approach if it’s not the right one for you.
    • Our extensive relationships and partnerships with professional organisations such as Scaled Agile, Inc., Scrum Alliance, give us access to latest resources, updates, and opportunities.

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