Organising for Agile | Consultancy support for the organisation change elements.

Organising for Agile

  • Whenever undergoing an Agile transformation, having consultancy support for the organisation change elements of your¬†transformation will provide a much better transition for your business.

    An Agile transformation may mean a few teams change their way of working into self-organising, ‘T’ shaped, Feature teams, or it can be a bottom up re-organisation of how all delivery and governance teams are organised.

    Agile organisations are very different from more traditional ‘waterfall’ or component-based organisations. Support for the HR department will help¬†understand why the organisation needs to be re-shaped, what that organisation looks like and how to achieve it.


    • Agile organisation design and implementation
    • Shaping Agile roles and job descriptions
    • Agile team dynamics
    • Empowering self-organising teams
    • Agile governance
    • Resourcing and keeping the best ‘T’-shaped people
    • Implementing Agile Communities of Practice.

Why Radtac

    • 18 years of practical experience redesigning organisations to enable Agile
    • Practical implementation advice and support not just theory
    • Fully integrated with other Agile Operating Models
    • Access to fully integrated specialist Agile transformation services(consulting, coaching, training and visualisation) that cannot be provided by contractors or any consultancy or delivery organisation that doesn’t specialise in Agile.

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