Software Delivery Teams

  • Full formed ‘turn-key’ teams that provide all the technical skills required for delivery of IT products as ‘T’ shaped, Agile people. Radtac Certified Agile Teams can operate at our development centres or on the client’s site. The advantage of our teams being on the clients site is that the team can be used as an example of what excellent Agile delivery looks; the disadvantage of our teams being on site is that they may be blocked by existing client Agile blockers.

    Radtac Certified Agile Teams can be employed for a period of time under a time and materials contract or under a fixed price model.


    • Delivery of key information technology assets by the best Agile delivery people.
    • Teams can be used as a catalyst for Agile transformation across the client organisation (if on client site)
    • Radtac Certified Agile teams can be formed very quickly for discrete modules required

Why Radtac

  • Access to fully integrated specialist Agile transformation services(consulting, coaching, training and visualisation) that cannot be provided by contractors (no-one is specialist in everything) or any consultancy or delivery organisation that doesn’t specialise in Agile

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