Team Augmentation : Augmentation of your teams with Radtac certified experts that are technically excellent and certified agile professionals

Certified ScrumMasters / Agile Team Leaders / Release Train Engineers

  • Experienced ScrumMasters / Agile Team Leaders are essential to fast and effective delivery via Agile. The ScrumMaster must be a very experienced practitioner (not some-one who has just been on a two day course) or there is a significant risk that the team will continually fall into ‘bear-traps’ that would not have done with an experience practitioner.

    Radtac provide the most experienced Certified ScrumMasters / Agile Team Leads on the market. A Radtac Certified Practitioner will have the appropriate market recognised certifications (eg. Certified ScrumMaster – CSM) and many years of practical experience.

    Radtac provide Certified ScrumMasters at all levels of Scaled Agile, at the Team, Program, Value Chain and Portfolio levels

Agile Portfolio / Programme / Project Managers and PMO

  • Management people having an ‘Agile Mindset’ is a key enabler for effective Agile implementation, traditional ‘command and control’ management will significanty impede the significant benefits offered by Agile working.

    Typically organisations implement Agile across a few portfolios, programs or projects initially as this is the least risk way of testing out and proving scaled agile capability. This service provides Radtac Certified Agile Management Practitioners, people who can operate at all levels in the scaled Agile structure, people who have significant experience of enabling the huge benefits from Agile across all management levels.

    This service also offers Certified Agile Management Practitioners who can work within the Programme / Project Management Office (PMO) to significantly speed the implementation of Agile within the PMO and ensure that PMO is a huge enabler for Agile.

Agile Architect / Designer

  • Architecture and Design is essential within any Information Technology implementation. The Agile way of working is to enable ‘Opportunistic Architecture and Design’ by evolving the Architecture and Design at the ‘Last Responsible Moment’; this enables the organisation to reduce risk by implementing effective Architecture and Design, and also enabling the creativity and innovation enabled by Opportunistic Design. The Agile Architect / Designer must ensure that Technical Debt is reduced via effective implementation of refactoring tools and practices.

    This service provides expert ‘T’ Shaped Agile Archichitects and Designers for the client’s organisation on an inerim or full time basis.

Software Developers and Engineers

  • Developers with the Agile mindset across all levels of Scaled Agile are essential to enable Agile delivery and the significant benefits that provides. These people must be ‘T’ shaped with a wide portfolio of technical development skills whilst still being able to work effectively with the other members of the Agile “Feature Team’.

    This service provides the best people from our large network of techncal development specailists with unparalleled Agile experience across many diverse environments.

    Radtac provide developers who specialise in back-end technical development, front end UX / UI experts and everything inbetween, all focussed on delivering with the Agile mindset.

QA, Testing and Continuous Integration

  • Radtac provide two major service lines within our ‘Practitioner – QA and Testing’ Service. We provide superb Testing / Continuous Integration professionals with the Agile mindset, and people who have significant experience of implemnting Agile Quality Mnagement Systems (QMS).

    Our Radtac Certified Testing Practitioners have sigificant experience of working across all levels of the Scaled Agile Operating Model with multiple testing frameworks (eg. Fitnesse – TDD, Cucumber – BDD) and tools (eg. Selenium); and Continuous Integration tooling (eg. Jenkins).

    Our Radtac Certified Quality Management Practitioners have signfiicant experience of implementing Agile Operating Models in environments that have implemented an overall QMS such as CMMi or ISO9001.

Transformation / Change Managers

  • Radtac’s unparalelled certified practitioner network contains very experienced transformation and change managers, particulalry practitioners who are expert in enabling scaled Agile transformations across diverse, complex, worldwide organisations. Radtac provide expert level practitioners who can manage a transformation to become an Agile organisation, or transformations delivered in an Agile way. Radtac have provided Transformation Management practitioners to many organisations to support any transformation programme, not necessarily enable an Agile organisation.

Product Owner, Business Analyst, Business Architect

  • The Product Owner is an essential role within the implementation of any Agile capability and exists at all levels of Scaled Agile. The Product Owner is focussed at defining what the team (or Program, Value Chain or Portfolio) will do in what order, signing things off and acting as the visionary conduit between the stakeholders and the team(s).

    Many organisations provide Product Owners from within their own business, in which we recommend that these people are coached from our coahing services; however, many organisations do not have available business people skilled in Product Ownership and therefore Radtac provide either interim of full time Product Owners for them.

    Many Product Owners are focussed more at the visionary level of definition (‘Epic’ and ‘Feature’ story level) and are then supported by somebody from the team (Program, Value Chain or Portfolio) that defines and implements the detailed analysis required – this is the ‘Agile Business Analyst’, ‘Agile Business Architect’ role (depending on the level of scaled Agile).

    Radtac provide highly skilled full time or interim Product Owners, Agile Business Analysts and Agile Business Architects – people who have the solid analytical skills and experience of the appropriate analytical tools and methods (eg. UML, RTC etc) whilst being expert at implementing them in an Agile environment.

Agile Operations and DevOps

  • Agile is focussed at delivering value to the customer as fast and effectivey as possible, DevOps is the ultimate expression of this, continuous delivery. Whether DevOps is enabled in the organisation or not, the Operations team need to have the ability to interact with the Agile devleopment teams.

    This Radtac service provides Agile Operations experts from the management to the practitioner level, people who work within Operations to perform a role whilst supporting the rest of the Operations business to transform to an Agile way of working.

    Radtac also provide Radtac Certified DevOps Practitioners, experts that work within Operations to enable the significant benefits by DevOps.

Business Intelligence and Big Data

  • Agile Big Data and Business Intelligence expertise is rare as many BD and BI experts feel that theirspecailism cam only be delivered in a ‘waterfall’ way by big up front analysis and design.

    This is not the case.

    Big Data / Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions are a natural fit for an Agile way of working as they need to evolve in line with the changing business and market requirements.

    Radtac certified BI and BD Pratitioners are expert within their field, however they also understand how to deliver in an Agile way with the significant benefits that enables

'C' and Senior Management Levels

  • The people at the ‘C’ level and Senior Management levels of the organisation must have a strong undersanding of Why they are implementing Agile, What it is and How to do it. Many ‘C’ and Senior people are either not able or willing to work in an Agile way, it is too much of a giant leap for them to undertake, even with support from Radtac Coaching.

    Radtac provide full time and interim ‘C’ level Agile people. We provide the best people because is itself an Agile Organsiation, we have these roles and people in our organisation so we know what ‘great’ looks like and are more than able to to provide it.


    • Provision of Radtac Certified Practitioners that are expert within their technical skill area and expert within Agile

Why Radtac

  • Access to fully integrated specialist Agile transformation services(consulting, coaching, training and visualisation) that cannot be provided by contractors (no-one is specialist in everything) or any consultancy or delivery organisation that doesn’t specialise in Agile

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