Visualisation Services | Unlock your organisation’s potential to communicate effectively with employees, stakeholders and customers.

What is Visualisation?

Simplify complexity, accelerate learning, assist with business alignment and foster collaborative idea generation – these are just some of the many benefits visualisation will deliver to organisations wishing to transform, scale and innovate.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by integrating visualisation into everything we do.

Find out more below about our range of Visualisation solutions.

Live Business Visualisation

Visualisation with Stuart Young

Live visual capture sessions will help teams crystallise ideas and learning whilst aligning stakeholders and customers to the business direction/ strategic vision at larger conferences and events. Communicate key messages, keep stakeholders engaged and visually explore business possibilities through live graphic facilitated events.

These include:

  • Commercial Conferences and tradeshows
  • Strategic Visioning and Business modelling events
  • Customer Journey mapping, roadmap and storyboarding workshops.

Design and Innovation Workshops

Visual thinking skills

Our visual thinking and innovation workshops provide you with tools and techniques that can be applied to Design Thinking, Visual thinking and Innovation:

Visual Thinking Templates

When it comes to structuring a discussion, a Visual Thinking Template provides the perfect framework to help teams converge on ideas and solve problems. By visualising a common theme individuals and teams are provided with a level of alignment by which they can explore ideas and embrace diversity of thought.

Click here to freely download, print, reproduce, scale up, adapt and evolve the Visual Thinking Templates to support you to facilitate working sessions. Have fun exploring the many ways you can apply these templates to assist with strategic planning, road mapping, visioning, idea generation and product validation.


What better way to engage with key stakeholders and customers than a visually compelling digital storyboard and animation.

Our animation team can create short animations for you too quickly and effectively communicate:

  • New principles, practices and ways of working
  • Product Roadmaps and visions
  • Customer pain points
  • New ideas and innovations
  • Organisational problems

The first step is to work with your teams to map out the key frames in a visual storyboarding workshop.  From this we can create sample visuals and draft animations, whilst you consider any transcript for your animation.  Resulting in a highly professional animation developed in an iterative and incremental manner.

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