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Overcoming visualisation challenges

Successful organisational transformation requires business-wide alignment. Organisations need to deliver robust messages with clarity and without ambiguity. This is where visualisation can help.

Effective use of visuals is about ‘making the invisible visible’ in a simple to understand and digestible way. What if you could visualise your ideas, make it easier for others to relate to what you have in mind, keep stakeholders engaged and make team collaboration more effective?

Integrating visual solutions into an organisation’s transformation has proved to deliver high success rates for projects and the teams working on them. A HubSpot study found that adding an image to written or spoken information increases the chance to remember that information from 10% to 65%.

From our experience in driving business transformations, we have learned that effective visualisation is vital. This is why we offer a wide portfolio of solutions for you to start communicating your messages in a visual way.

Visualisation Solutions

Visualisation with Stuart Young

Our visualisation solutions will assist individuals, teams and organisations to effectively communicate key messages in a way that can be easily absorbed and, better, still remembered.

Our visualisation solutions include the following:

  • Senior Management meetings and workshops
  • Team meetings and workshops
  • Conferences
  • Graphic storyboards
  • ‘Innovation through Visualisation’ workshop

Senior Management meetings and workshops

Picture speaks a thousand words - innovation through visualisation

Many management teams have difficulties getting their key messages across to the rest of the organisation. We have seen many examples of misaligned management teams and delivery teams caused by the inability of the management team to get their message across simply and effectively.

Radtac’s solutions enable messaging across the organisation in a simple, succinct way – a picture paints a thousand words.

Team meetings and workshops

Stuart Young Visualisation Workshop

Within the Agile world things move very quickly. Face-to-face communication is key, as are fast feedback cycles. However, it is also essential to record key decisions and actions within the fast feedback cycles. Our visualisation solutions are a fast and engaging way to record the output from team meetings and workshops, by transforming discussions and ideas into illustrative maps of information.


Conferences are great for disseminating information quickly and in a face-to-face environment. The difficulty for attendees is how to get a holistic overview of what happened at the conference, and for the conference organisers to communicate simply and succinctly what was achieved or communicated. By applying a perfect blend of words and illustrations, Radtac’s visualisation solutions enable both conference attendees and organisers to easily achieve their objectives.

Graphic storyboards and rich pictures

BRAINTRUST 2020 the future starts nowWhat better way to engage with key stakeholders and customers than a visually compelling graphic storyboard or rich picture?

Don’t rely on dry, traditional and lifeless methods for presenting a process, marketing a product or representing a customer journey. With our visualisation solutions we will transform your information into a captivating rich picture.

Storyboards and rich pictures can be created as an output from visualisation workshops. We can enhance the narrative by taking this approach one step further and offering an animated short.

Graphic facilitator skills workshop

Innovation through Visualisation

Enhancing a meeting with engaging visuals doesn’t need to be an exclusive art.

Immerse yourself in a truly creative and interactive session. Our ‘Graphic facilitator skills’ one-day workshop has been created to provide you with the winning formula needed to express your ideas visually.

From start to finish you will be guided through fun, bite-sized exercises that will collectively enable you to successfully captivate an audience through pictures.

Whether you wish to enhance your facilitation skills, make collaborative design thinking a key enabler within your team, or simply gain the confidence you need to draw live in front of an audience, this workshop is for you.

“We have embraced visualisation as key tool in our communities strategy, visualisation enables us to communicate what we want, when we want, in a simple to understand format. Great stuff.”

Peter Measey, Radtac CEO

Find out more about Graphic skills workshops

Innovation Workshops with Stuart Young

FREE Graphic Templates to bring ideas to life

Creative Storyboarding for Business workshop

A two-day workshop incorporating visualisation skills, and adding skills that teach you how you can create a powerful storyboard for your organisation. Deep-dive into unique customer or business needs by building a storyboard with a strong narrative. By applying newly gained visualisation skills from the first day of the workshop, individuals will be faced with the ideal environment to evolve ideas and build an impactful story.

Creative Storyboarding for Business workshop

Why choose Radtac

Radtac is the only Agile enabled transformation company that has a specific visualisation capability.

Who we work with

We have worked for numerous and diverse clients. Our work ranges from supporting conferences for the Scrum Alliance, to enabling senior teams in large multinational organisations to communicate across their whole organisation.

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