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Reduce time to market

  • The need to build the right products, build the products right and build the products fast and well is a fundamental driver of all modern businesses – but how can your organisation achieve that?

    Find out more about reducing the time to market for your products and services today.

Motivate people

  • Enabling motivated teams is vital, as it will allow you to avoid negative consequences for your organisation.

    Find out more about how to motivate your people today.

Increase customer satisfaction

  • ‘Adapt to survive’ has become the mantra for all businesses. The businesses that will survive in today’s globalised, digitised world are those that can increase customer satisfaction. In an era where there is so much noise in the marketplace from new innovative products and services, the companies who can continually increase customer satisfaction will dominate the market. See Apple vs Nokia for example.

    Find out more about how Radtac can help increase your customers’ satisfaction by raising the pace of development and implementation of excellent products and services.

Improve processes

  • The need to build excellent products in the right way at a cost lower than the competition is a fundamental driver of all modern businesses – but how?

    Radtac helps organisations like yours to deliver shifts in mindset at all levels in the organisation to ensure permanent shifts in the way your business operates. We can also motivate and train your staff plus introduce Radtac Certified Practitioners to deliver rapid Business Process Improvements using a range of methodologies suited to your business.

    Find out how Radtac can improve your processes with our years of experience.

Reduce costs

  • The mantra instilled in today’s fast paced business environment is to rapidly improve profits by reducing costs – but how? And how to ensure these benefits generate a permanent change in the organisation?

    There are only four ways to reduce costs – ‘doing without’, ‘working with less’, ‘doing things better’, or ‘doing things differently’. Since 1997 we have found most organisation have squeezed costs to do with less. Far fewer have been able to find ways of doing things better: far fewer still have been able unlock the potential of their organisation to do things differently. Most organisations find sustainable savings and radically altering the way they do business much more difficult.

    Find out more.

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