Motivate people | Building the right products, building the products right, and building them fast and well requires motivated people.

Motivate people

Building the right products, building the products right, and building them fast and well requires motivated people.


Enabling motivated teams is vital, as it will allow you to avoid negative consequences for your organisation, such as:

  • Reduced productivity – makes the organisation uncompetitive
  • High staff turnover – very high HR costs
  • Negative corporate culture – people won’t focus on finding solutions
  • Bad customer experience – why should employees go the extra mile
  • Lack of continuous improvement – makes the organisation uncompetitive

In today’s highly competitive world, organisations who can effectively motivate their people have a very significant head-start on the competition.

There must be a better way

Radtac’s thinking on this subject broadly derives from our vast experience working to motivate teams and also the following sources:

  • Mcgregor – ‘theory x’ and ‘theory y’ managers
  • Herzberg – ‘hygiene’ and ‘motivation’ factors
  • Pink – motivation is driven by autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Syed – talented teams and people
  • Tuckman – forming, storming, norming, performing
  • Lencioni – five dysfunctions of teams

All of these sources, and motivation in general, are discussed in our book, ‘Agile Foundations – Principles, practices and frameworks‘.

Scaled Agile, Lean, Kanban and DevOps frameworks all have a very high focus on motivation as a key factor of success. Factors that lead to poor motivation – and the Agile solutions to address that – include:

  • Negative people – focus on the ‘Art of the Possible’
  • Fear of failure – small delivery increments reduce impact of ‘failure’
  • The learning organisation – learn from ‘failure’, ‘failure’ enables innovation
  • Over planning / meetings – focus on delivery of value, reduce waste
  • Lack of recognition – team recognised on each small delivery increment
  • Lack of empowerment – focus on clear empowerment levels = speed
  • Micro management – effective communication enables empowerment
  • Focus on process and tools – focus on individuals and interactions
  • Lack of involvement – business people and the Agile team work together
  • Inadequate environment – enable environment and trust the team

The aim of all these frameworks is to work in small value driven batches, delivering the products and services that the customer wants in the least possible time to market. The nirvana, enabled by DevOps, is to deliver value to the customer continuously.

However, as with many things, setting the appropriate focus on team motivation is a balance with other factors within the business. There is little point having a fully motivated team who produces the wrong products, late.


How we can support you

Radtac specialises in change and transformation using the tried and tested practices found within Systems Thinking, Agile, Kanban, Lean and DevOps. We can deliver anything from discrete change initiatives in part of the business (e.g. optimise testing capability within the Information Technology department), to full business capability transformation across the business (e.g. Digital Transformation).

We have an integrated set of services that includes training, transformation consultancy, culture change and Certified Practitioners, and we are the specialist ‘one-stop shop’ for everything required to transform your organisation’s people capability.

Find out more about how Radtac has unlocked the potential of organisations, like yours, to significantly motivate your people.

Who we work with

Since 1998 we have helped numerous private and public sector organisations worldwide to enable them to motivate people using Scaled Agile, Lean, Kanban and DevOps methods, with a firm focus on creating motivated teams and organisations.

Let us help you

At Radtac we put people and outcomes first and methods second. We believe in rapid evolutionary change at a sustainable pace. We believe in putting the tools of change in your hands and guiding you in the best way to use them. Our goal is helping you achieve your outcomes without a long-term dependency on us.


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