Reduce costs | Increase revenues and maximise profits.

Reduce costs and maximise profits

The mantra instilled in today’s fast paced business environment is to rapidly improve profits by reducing costs – but how? And how to ensure these benefits generate a permanent change in the organisation?

There are only four ways to reduce costs – ‘doing without’, ‘working with less’, ‘doing things better’, or ‘doing things differently’. Since 1997 we have found most organisation have squeezed costs to do with less. Far fewer have been able to find ways of doing things better: far fewer still have been able unlock the potential of their organisation to do things differently. Most organisations find sustainable savings and radically altering the way they do business much more difficult.

Radtac has been helping clients to reduce their costs by transforming their underlying operations since 1998. Over this time we have worked in partnership with major enterprise clients to deliver major cost reductions whilst improving products and services helping to bring them to market more rapidly than their competitors.

Agile Award 2015 Winner - Best Agile in Public Sector

Long term savings and business growth

The long term savings delivered by Radtac’s organisational enhancements have been scales above the more traditional cost reduction programmes and often free staff to really contribute to the future of the business.

Recently Radtac worked closely Radtac worked closely with Bristol City Council to make savings as part of their business change model.

The Council were keen to make savings from efficiencies to maintain funding of front line services. The programme had the goals of increasing efficiency, improving services and then raising income with the aim of saving a target of £64 million annual savings from 2016/7.

What followed showed the importance of ‘doing things differently’.


Doing things differently

Traditionally Councils have reacted to budget cuts by ‘doing without’, or ‘working with less’ but for most the easy savings were made many years ago. Many in local Government have then felt forced to cut services. Not so in Bristol.

Our custom training programmes rapidly brought Agile skills to their technical teams to build confidence in Agile methodologies, boosted morale in the teams, and released the potential of their teams . We built on the good will generated from the training to allow the Council time to prioritise. The prioritisation resulted in the Council introducing technology investments and shrewd asset management to reduce their office requirements. As a result Bristol City Council has reduced office space from 35 offices to two main hubs – not only saving money but actually generating significant revenue.

Agile is about more than saving money

Business Transformation is more than Agile and far more than simply saving money. Transforming an organisation allows it to adapt to future pressures and exploit opportunities rapidly bringing real improvements in the customer experience.

Bristol City Council have made savings against all of the four categories – ‘doing without’, ‘working with less’, ‘doing things better’, or ‘doing things differently’. Together we have helped save the Council, and therefore the people of Bristol, more than £33 million whilst also freeing up the Council to make money.

Bristol City Council reduce costs

Let us help you

At Radtac we put people and outcomes first and methods second. We believe in rapid evolutionary change at a sustainable pace. We believe in putting the tools of change in your hands and guiding you in the best way to use them. Our goal is helping you achieve your outcomes without a long-term dependency on us.


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