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In our years of experience we have worked with thousands of organisations across a wide range of sectors, spanning different sizes. Only since 2010 we’ve been helping more than 1300 companies across the UK and the world, driving their transformation journeys through training their people, supporting their management through coaching, and providing them with Agile experts. The testimonials below will provide you with our clients’ view of the work we’ve done together.

What clients say about us

Here’s some of our clients’ testimonials:

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“Working with Radtac is great. What we particularly enjoyed about them is that they came in and really understood us as an organisation and what is was that we needed. We were really keen not to work with people that were going to come in and just give us a methodology, and kind of ‘throw the book at us’, […] that wouldn’t work for us.”

Tara Dillon, Service Manager, Programme Management Office, Bristol City Council
Winner of ‘Best Use of Agile in the Public Sector’ at the Agile Awards 2015

“With Radtac’s support we developed a Training Programme that provided our Service Managers with the right Agile skills that they could own in perpetuity, identify saving opportunities, make more rapid business case assessments and deliver savings quicker than would have been achieved before.”

Max Wide, Strategic Director of Business Change, Bristol City Council

“Radtac provided us with an important injection of high-quality talent and expertise to help us transform and create our capability to sustain an efficient and effective Agile approach – and deliver effective, sustainable Digital Services across our organisation.“

Gavin Beckett, Chief Enterprise Architect, Bristol City Council


“We have embraced Agile as a fantastic management tool over the past few years and we would like to think that our customers have benefitted greatly from this.”

Andy Lee, Former William Hill Online CEO
Winner of ‘Best Use of Agile in the Private Sector’ at the Agile Awards 2014


“Radtac provided us with a great service that truly changed the way we view software delivery. This has been one of our most successful Business Transformation Programmes, Radtac were a huge help in enabling this to happen.”

Gareth Francis, Head of London Market Business Change, HISCOX

“After careful evaluation we chose to work with Radtac because they offered a pragmatic approach that enabled us to understand and introduce Agile methods that work within the practical realities of our existing project delivery processes.”

Jenine Thorne, Head of Project Management and QA for IT Solutions, NPBS


“Radtac’s Agile approach has helped improve our ability to focus on the most valuable items, consistently raise levels of quality whilst providing the business with clear progress on delivery. We will use Radtac again as we continue to develop our capabilities.”

Salvatore Cicero, CTO, Servebase (now PXP Solutions)

Feedback from our Training courses

Read what clients say about Radtac’s Training courses in the testimonials below:

“I think the training was superb. I did not have to do any further reading – I didn’t even have to read the notes I took, and I passed the exam on the first try the day I got the link. I feel confident that I understand more about Scrum than the exam tested, and this is all down to the quality of the two day course. I shall be recommending Radtac to friends and colleagues.”

Leye Adenle, Racing Post

“Enthusiastic and engaging delivery by experienced instructors. With a course such as this, striking a balance between theory and relevant practical exercises is often difficult; for me, Radtac nailed it! If you are interested in learning Agile approaches from those with real-world experience, my only advice is to call these guys first.”

Adrian Nichols, Senior Developer, Agile Coach and Lean Startup-er, GBGroup plc/What Gap Limited

“An excellent and very enjoyable course run by knowledgeable trainers. The content and guidance provided made a significant and positive impact to my role as Project Manager.”

Les Gawin, Development Project Manager, PCMS Group

“… I’ve decided to fly from Portugal to London just to attend the course, and it was worth it. As a manager and someone who has discovered Agile recently, the course is a great and utile introduction to Agile and its concepts. The trainer demonstrated to have a vast experience, knowledge and passion on the matter, always exemplifying with real case scenarios. I definitely recommend it and will return to learn more on Agile.”

João Figueiredo, Project Manager, Pixelmatters

“Excellent course! The trainer had extensive real world knowledge and ensured that all questions were answered at the required level of detail. The course provided an excellent review of why Agile is needed and the issues associated with Agile transformation. This was coupled with an engaging and well thought out overview of mainstream Agile techniques and approaches.”

Victor Page, Founding Partner and Head of Education at Actinium Partners LLP, Actinium Partners LLP/Time Shakers Limited

“I can’t think of a better way of getting to grips with Scrum, covered by people who really knew their stuff. A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging course which really helped improve the way my team works.”

Matthew B., Web developer, University of Kent

“Definitely enjoyed certified Scrum master training excellently executed by Peter Measey. Most important for me was that Pete brought a massive amount real life examples from the tranches which made training invaluable. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to start on agile path as well as Scrum practitioners.”

Denis Nikitin, Lead Consultant, Rule Financial

“Fantastic course. Very insightful and made the effort to show how this can be applied outside of software development too.”

Tim W., Government Administration, Oxfordshire County Council

“An excellent course, well presented, which gave a practical insight into applying Kanban to the NHS Choices development process. The trainer was excellent throughout and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Recommended.”

Tony S., Lead Software Developer, Certified ScrumMaster and Kanban Practitioner at NHS Choices

“Great course and content, and has the right trainer; great knowledge from personal experience, and being an active coach means that it’s all kept up to date and relevant. The ability to have the course in-house and customised to our needs made this a course with a lot of added value.”

Kev McCabe, Freelance Web Developer/ScrumMaster/Kanban Practitioner/SAFe Agilist, GE

The course was in Manchester with Radtac and Peter Measey was the coach and I was amazed at the depth of Peter’s knowledge and his understanding of not just what worked, but why it worked, something I recognised that I didn’t understand to anything like a sufficient depth.

It was a bit of a shock as I’d being doing Agile for 8-9 years and counted myself as expert and I suppose I was expert in my version of agile as implemented regardless of situation, sadly I was deluded.

I even bought Peter’s Agile Foundations book, one that I would recommend for anybody starting out on the agile journey.

Ian Lister, CSM

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