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Jira and Agile Projects

Discover how to manage Agile projects, products, and development work using Atlassian Jira as your primary collaboration platform.

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Course Timings

This training course runs from 08:30 to 16:30 each day.

All times given are in the local timezone for the date of the course.

Course Overview

Atlassian’s Jira has emerged as the tool of choice for managing agile projects in the enterprise. This class teaches you to align agile practices, roles, and ceremonies with the Jira environment. Return to work ready to use Jira to manage technology projects, IT service delivery, and agile software development.

Use Jira for executing everyday agile project work.

This fast-paced, hands-on workshop teaches you how to manage agile projects, products, and development work using Atlassian Jira as your primary collaboration platform. In Jira, you have a tool designed to enable agile practices and track agile projects across a wide range of scenarios. Features such as issue tracking, search, reporting, and customization allow for seamless integration of agile projects in one project management environment. No other agile project management tool offers the depth of agile context and comprehensive agile framework that Atlassian has made available with JIRA.

Get up to speed on Jira quickly and go back to work ready to practice true agility.

This class teaches agile team members on how to use all of Jira’s primary features to support an agile practice. In two fast-paced days, you will get experience with issues, requirements, product delivery, reporting, and tracking. You’ll learn to use Jira to support sprint planning, stories, backlog management, and kanban boards (when necessary). After taking this boot camp, you’ll get back to work ready to embrace agile practices using one unified tool, and one unified set of concepts.

Course Content

Part 1 – JIRA Fundamentals

  1. Using JIRA
  • The JIRA workspace
  • Mapping JIRA features to common agile & scrum practices
  • Tickets in JIRA
  1. Team roles and JIRA
  • Review: Agile and Scrum basics
  • Team members
  • ScrumMasters & Product Owners
  • JIRA features for supporting Agile teams
  1. JIRA issues and Agile Projects
  • What’s possible with JIRA
  • Navigating JIRA
  • Creating, editing and transitioning issues
  • Types of issues
  • JIRA’s standard hierarchy
  • Stories, prioritizing & estimating
  • Managing backlogs in JIRA

Hands-On Exercise: Using issues to track, link, and cross-reference agile projects

  1. JIRA workflows
  • Project roles & permissions
  • Components
  • Releases
  • Projects to products
  • Views of projects within JIRA
  1. Search and Exploring Data
  • Prioritizing & searching JIRA issues
  • Views & options for meaningful results
  • Using filters
  • Using JIRA Query Language (JQL)
  • Saved searches and re-use
  • Using dashboards & subscriptions

Hands-On Exercise: Defining search criteria and using JQL, detail view, list view, filters & subscriptions

Part 2 – Applying JIRA to Enterprise Work

  1. Managing agile & kanban boards in JIRA
  • Aligning agile boards with team needs
  • Scrum vs. Kanban boards
  • Using Kanban boards
  • Typical team member duties in JIRA
  • Supporting sprint planning and resource assignments
  • Managing your backlog efficiently with JIRA
  • Epics, stories, and sub-tasks
  • Releases and release reporting
  1. Sprints in JIRA
  • Starting a sprint
  • Active sprints
  • Quick filters for managing work
  • Swimlanes
  • Closing a sprint

Demo – Using Agile Boards for backlogs and sprints

During this in-depth demonstration, we will show you how to use JIRA for some of the most common agile project needs. This demo will cover:

  1. Agile Board Navigation
  2. Compare Scrum and Kanban boards
  3. Using Backlog mode
  4. Filtering the Backlog
  5. Planning a Sprint
  6. Starting a Sprint
  7. Managing Work in an Active Sprint
  8. Closing a Sprint
  1. Analyzing reports in JIRA
  • Built-in JIRA reports and their benefits
  • Analyzing reports
  • Using information in JIRA to make decisions
  1. JIRA scrum boards and agile reports
  • Burndown Charts
  • Sprint Report
  • Epic Burndown
  • Release Burndown
  • Velocity Charts
  • Control Charts
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  1. JIRA Kanban Board reports
  • Control Charts
  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  • Work in Progress (WiP) and JIRA

Part 3 – Scaling JIRA enablement

  1. Using JIRA to enable Agile projects at scale
  • Managing multiple projects in JIRA
  • Cross-referencing and linking issues
  • Portfolio and program support with JIRA
  • Managing releases
  • Reporting
  • JIRA plugins
  1. Building Dashboards in JIRA
  • Creating, editing, and sharing dashboards
  • Dashboard gadgets to present information
  • Where do gadgets get their data?
  • Configure dashboard gadgets with project data and/or filtered data
  • Dashboard layouts
  • Dashboard troubleshooting
  1. Course conclusion: charting your path
  • Discussion: Top three opportunities for improvement using JIRA
  • Immediate next steps for your team
  • Expert Q and A

Learning Objectives

  • Use Jira as a comprehensive platform for managing agile projects
  • Support your application/IT service life cycles and agile ceremonies/workflows using Jira
  • Map team member roles to Jira: Scrum teams, project managers, and product owners
  • Explain the basic parts of a Jira project & how they are organized
  • Run sprints and manage requirements, issues, backlogs and deliveries
  • Search for Jira issues and save your search queries for re-use
  • Use different types of agile boards and project formats
  • Efficiently rank and organize issues in the Jira backlog
  • Apply different agile board templates such as scrum and Kanban
  • Report on and interpret Jira data using built-in agile reports and Jira dashboards


This Jira training course is tailored for anyone looking to expertly manage their SDLC with the one comprehensive tool. Some roles that would find this course useful include:

  • Agile Practitioners
  • Project Managers
  • ScrumMasters
  • Product Owners
  • Program Managers
  • Analysts
  • Developers / Programmers
  • Testers
  • IT Manager/Directors
  • Customers/Stakeholders
  • Product Managers


This course does not require any pre-requisites.

Course Preparation

This course does not require any pre-course preparation.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

This course does not provide a formal certification or include an exam.

What You Receive

Two-days of quality instruction from one of our highly experienced trainers. Also included are:

  • Course Materials
  • Radtac Community membership including face-to-face and virtual networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, access to industry experts, special offers and invitations to special events

Online Details

We use Zoom video conferencing to host our live online courses via a virtual classroom. We recommend that before registering participants run a zoom test meeting and check system requirements to ensure they are able to connect. Participants will also use our digital workspace, Mural and our Agile Tools Mobile app for collaboration with the class and completing exercises for the duration of the course. You’ll find links below to test and explain requirements for each of these tools.

Zoom requirements


Zoom test meeting


Mural requirements (if relevant)


Miro requirements (if relevant)


Agile Tools Mobile App


On registration full information will be provided via joining instructions to each partcipant with instructions on how to acess the virtual classroom and additional tools.

Still unsure? Talk to our team of friendly learning advisors, they are here to assist before, during and after your class if you have any questions.

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Discover how to manage Agile projects, products, and development work using Atlassian Jira as your primary collaboration platform.

Live-Online New York 2 days
Early bird $1750
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07 Nov 2022 Live-Online New York | 2 days Early bird $1750
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Discover how to manage Agile projects, products, and development work using Atlassian Jira as your primary collaboration platform.

Live-Online New York 2 days
Early bird $1750
Lean / Agile
Agile Tooling
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