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The Agile PMO

The Agile PMO

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Course Overview

This course is designed for Senior PMO Managers, PMO Leads, PMO Analysts and Heads of Change who wish to employ a PMO to buffer the organisational effects of agile and lean projects. It is designed to give an understanding of the changes needed to uplift the PMO capability so that it may support lean, and agile projects and programmes, we have called this the Lean-Agile PMO.

It is designed to introduce, or remind, the PMO participants of the importance of their role in delivering successful change. It will illustrate best practice by the use of pointers and pitfalls based upon recent project experience.

Using case studies it will illustrate some of the key behaviours and activities of the Lean-Agile PMO. It will give rule-of-thumb indicators used by the PMO to provoke further scrutiny by the Sponsors and Stakeholders. It will give participants some of the tools and processes needed to accelerate project completion and reduce project risk.

Course Content

This course is designed to facilitate the introduction of a PMO to support Lean and Agile Projects. The course will provide an opportunity for experiential learning using case study and worked examples based upon recent client project and Lean-Agile PMO experiences. The case studies will be used to reinforce positive PMO behaviours and to illustrate potential pitfalls.

Practical tips will be given on how to introduce the Lean-Agile PMO concepts how to manage the changes with projects that are already underway and how to start new projects from the outset.

By its’ design, the programme is readily transferable into the workplace and enables business benefits to be delivered from the time the participants return to their workplaces.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand how the PMO functions need to be altered in order to facilitate the rapid delivery of initiatives using agile and lean techniques,
  • Recognise the characteristics of agile initiatives and then select and apply appropriate PMO practices in order to accelerate delivery and ensure project success in the context of continuously improving teams,
  • Understand the changes required to portfolio and project investment processes in order to create an agile portfolio management process,
  • Apply techniques to assist the PM in lowering project Risk profiles.
  • Undertake project assurance activities so that:
    • there are fewer projects running in Red and Amber status,
    • there is a greater emphasis on the realisation of project benefits,
  • Design PMO services which meet the needs of its organisational stakeholders
  • Apply the key concepts of this course to building a PMO that facilitates lean and agile projects.


This programme is designed for Senior PMO Managers, Heads of Change and PMO Analysts who wish to explore the Lean-Agile PMO concept or those who wish to support both agile and traditional projects from the same PMO.


This course does not have any pre-requisites.

Course Preparation

This course does not have any pre-course preparation.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

This course does not provide a formal certification and therefore does not include an exam.

What You Receive

One day of high quality instruction from Jonathan Ward an experienced, energetic, results orientated, Organisational Change professional. Also included are:

  • Agile PMO Guide
  • implementation checklists

Course Address

We can train at a location of your choice.

Course Duration

Course duration - 1 day

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