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Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Learn the Product Owner role using Scrum

Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Learn the Product Owner role using Scrum

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Course Overview

COVID-19 & Live-Online virtual classrooms

On Tuesday 10th March 2020, Scrum Alliance announced it would allow remote delivery of CSPO training for a limited time. Radtac are planning to continue to run all scheduled training as planned but via remote delivery during this time. For further information please see our policy here. While we understand in-person experiences are usually preferred by our clients, we want to ensure that during challenging times different approaches are available to support our clients.

Why choose Radtac Live-Online training

  • We price match. We will price match any other comparable quality supplier of CSPO Live-Online courses, just contact us at training@radtac.com.
  • We offer a discount on our Live-Online courses for anyone who is self employed, at risk/redundant due to Coronavirus, public sector, unemployed or a zero hours contract worker just contact training@radtac.com.
  • We limit our class size to a maximum of 25. many other virtual providers have no limit on class size
  • We deliver in pairs. There are two very experienced trainers on all of our Live-Online courses, so you get double the experience for an unbeatable price.
  • Our Live-Online courses have been designed & adapted to be delivered via a virtual classroom. Our Live-Online courses are not just standard training room courses presented online. We have a tried and trusted portfolio of virtual tooling and courses designed to be delivered online

Are you ready to support your team to be at its best, to be more engaged, more collaborative and producing better quality outcomes?

Our highly interactive two-day course will provide you with an understanding of the Agile mindset and key Scrum roles, events and artefacts to support a successful Scrum team and ways of working. The course is lead by one of our world-class Scrum Alliance® Certified Scrum Trainers® (CST®) who combine their real-world experience with practical tools, real-life examples, lively discussion and interactive exercises to help you learn and embed key takeaways from the course.

As a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) your job is to, amongst other things, work with Stakeholders and the Team to define what the team need to do, define the order they need to deliver value, communicate the vision of the business to the team (and vice versa), and sign off delivery. This course will give you the structure and the confidence to ensure you can perform the CSPO role effectively by learning the theory, performing practical work, and discussing numerous real-world examples.

Why choose this course?

  • You will improve your confidence in Product Ownership, and we offer excellent post-course support to ensure any questions or queries you have when back in the real world, are answered promptly.
  • The course is designed to be a step by step, easy to follow the process so you understand the specific actions you can take the following day to turn the learning into results.
  • You will begin to feel that you and your team are actually ‘getting stuff done’, value is being delivered continuously, reducing stress and improving the morale of everyone.
  • The Certified Product Owner qualification is a fantastic door opening qualification in the tech world and beyond.
  • We pride ourselves in ensuring that your trainer has hands-on experience in the real world so that you’re not simply learning from an instructor, but from someone who understands how to apply the theory practically and successfully.

What attendees have said:

"The most engaging and useful course I have attended in many years."
Katie B, IET

"I enjoyed the course especially the interactive nature of the course and time available to ask questions, discuss, speak examples. Also really liked the use of drawings and illustrate concepts."
Hannah T,
Digital Product Manager at National Trust

"Informative course learning how to apply scrum principles. Good exercises to help put theory into practice."
Yannick K, Business Analyst

"Great clarification of PO role. My understanding has immensely improved and given me the knowledge and tools I can implement immediately."
David M,
Senior Project Manager at Shell

How do I reserve my place on a public course?

Simply click on the blue button on this page titled ‘Book Course’ to reserve you place today. This is a very popular course, spaces fill quickly and it is recommended that you book your course as soon as practicable. We always ensure our pricing is competitive and offers real value for money.

How do I book a number of employees for private a course?

If you would like one of our qualified trainers to host to your organisation, simply click the button on this page titled ‘Onsite Enquiry', fill in your details and we will be in touch within 24hrs. We can then personalise the program to fit your specific needs, tailored to your specific business outcomes and budget.

Course Tutor(s)

Peter Measey

Certified Scrum Trainer, Radtac Chairman and Founder

"What I enjoy most about Radtac? Our team ethic. And working with the best people on the market." Peter’s managed and contributed to the implementation of some of the largest Agile project and delivery management transformations in the UK and worldwide: think British Airways, BT, Fidelity Investments, HMCE, NHS, Nokia and Rolls Royce. Peter’s a DSDM Board Director, Certified DSDM Trainer, Certified Scrum Master, Practitioner and Trainer, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner and Prince2 Practitioner. And in between consultation and implementation duties, Peter trains and coaches teams in the UK, USA, India, China and across Europe.

Course Content

Topics covered are:

  • Why Agile
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The Product Owner and Other Roles
  • Leadership Skills
  • The Product Vision and Product Backlog
  • User Stories
  • Estimation and Planning
  • Prioritisation
  • Product Owner Tips
  • Scaling Agile

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Function effectively as the Product Owner for the Scrum Team specifically
  • Deliver a successful Scrum project
  • Explain and sell Agile and the Scrum framework to other key stakeholders
  • Collaborate effectively with key stakeholders and customers
  • Create and maintain the Product Backlog
  • Fulfil your essential role in Sprint Planning and Sprint Review meetings
  • Participate in Daily Scrum Meetings and Sprint Retrospectives
  • Understand and use the full range of Scrum Artifacts (Sprint Backlog, Burndown Charts etc.)


This course will benefit anyone who seeks to achieve the role of Scrum Product Owner® to drive a Scrum project, and applies to those with a background as Customer/Users, Project Managers or Developers. It will also benefit anyone who is to be involved in a Scrum Project, and in any of the Scrum Roles. The course is also suitable for those involved in transitioning to Scrum within their own organisation.


There are no prerequisites for the course.

Course Preparation

Prior to attending the course, students should familiarise themselves with key Scrum terms and definitions, as described in the Scrum Guide.

You should be aware that this is a Certified Course and 8 hours of training per day MUST be attended. This means you must be present at all times during the daily start/end times detailed above; your day will however include 1.5 hours break. You must attend this time to be eligible for certification and the trainer reserves the right not to register you with the Scrum Alliance if you do not attend the training for the required hours. 

Certifying Bodies & Exams

After successfully completing a two-day Certified Product Owner course, you are eligible for registration with the Scrum Alliance. Unlike the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course, the CSPO course is not examined and you will automatically be granted CSPO status once you are registered with the Scrum Alliance.

Please note as the Scrum Alliance requires you to attend and complete two-days (16-hours) of classroom based training in-person, if you are not present at training for the required hours on both days our Certified Scrum Trainer reserve the right to not register you with the Scrum Alliance.

Certification Renewal

  • Renewals are from the date of certification
  • Renewal fee is $100 and covers two years extension from your current expiration date.

What You Receive

You will receive two days of high quality instruction from Peter Measey who has 27 years’ experience in Information Technology and Process / Business Change across all traditional and contemporary project delivery and management methods, and is an expert in their successful introduction, implementation and integration. Also included are:

  • Course materials
  • Two years membership to the Scrum Alliance
  • Scrum Alliance certificate of course completion
  • Radtac Community membership including face-to-face and virtual networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, access to industry experts, special offers and invitations to special events.

Scrum Education Units (SEUs)

Attendees may be eligible to apply for 16 SEUs towards their CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) with the Scrum Alliance.

PMI Professional Development Units (PDUS)

Attendees may be eligible to apply for 16 PDUs towards their continuing education requirements with PMI

Course Address

Course Duration

Course duration - 2 days
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