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Creative Storyboarding for Business

Learn how to present a business story in an engaging way

Creative Storyboarding for Business

Learn how to present a business story in an engaging way

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Course Overview

Do you want to create rich and engaging storyboards bursting with business value?

This workshop will provide you with the basic foundation of visual skills and storyboarding techniques to narrate a unique customer or business story. By the end of the day, you will have created a highly refined large-scale storyboard ready to present to key stakeholders.

This is an Informal but immersive one-day learning experience

Course Content

Topics include:

  • The theory behind visualisation, learning styles and visual concepts
  • Practising basic seed shapes before progressing to idea-focused drawings
  • Collaborative sketching
  • Introduction to the benefits of Storyboarding
  • The key ingredients of a Storyboard
  • Creating a narrative flow of the big picture from beginning to end
  • Establishing key milestones and panel elaboration
  • Camera angles, framing shots, creation and refinement
  • Presentation, feedback and digital approaches

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Gain the ability to support a working group to express ideas and solve problems effectively by applying a visual language
  • Build a reusable bank of images that can be employed for facilitation, coaching and classroom purposes
  • Gain an awareness of how to build on ideas and create a highly refined storyboard
  • Learn how to a facilitate a storyboarding session with teams


This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn and improve their visualisation skills for use within business contexts. The following individuals will benefit from this course:

• Team members
• Project Managers
• Product Owner
• Scrum Masters
• Business Visionary
• Workshop Facilitator
• Agile Analyst
• Business Analyst
• Trainers
• Facilitators
• Teachers
• Presenters
• Coaches


Pre-requisites are not required for this course but it is helpful if students come equipped with a story they wish to capture visually such as a customer journey, product roadmap, plan or vision.

Course Preparation

This workshop does not require any pre-course preparation.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

This workshop does not provide a formal certification and does not include an exam.

What You Receive

Two days of high quality instruction from Stuart Young , a professional live illustrator and Certified ScrumMaster with a deep-rooted appreciation of Agile Principles. Stuart has harnessed his creative skills to translate concepts and processes into engaging visuals during workshops, events and conferences. Also included are:

• A sketchbook and drawing materials
• A vast selection of reusable images
• A variety of flip-chart size graphic templates
• A large scale bespoke Illustrated Storyboard

Scrum Education Units (SEUs)
Attendees may be eligible to apply for SEUs towards their CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) through the Scrum Alliance.

PMI Professional Development Units (PDUS)
Attendees may be eligible to apply for PDUs towards their continuing education requirements with PMI

Course Address

We can train at a location of your choice.

Course Duration

Course duration - 1 day

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