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Customer Journey Mapping

Transforming customer pain points into levers for change

Customer Journey Mapping

Transforming customer pain points into levers for change

21 Apr 2022 Live-Online London 1 day Early bird £252 +VAT Make enquiry Book Course Make enquiry

Course Timings

This training course runs from 09:00 to 17:00 each day.

All times given are in the local timezone for the date of the course.

Course Overview

The best products and services can only be designed around the basic needs, motivations and behaviours of your end users. The art of Customer Journey Mapping enables teams to visualise the experience of a person using a particular service (or product), broken down into a series of steps and interactions over time.

During this one-day workshop we will provide individuals with a blend of Visual Thinking, Systems Thinking, Creative Storyboarding and Customer Journey Mapping tools and techniques to explore a customer experience. Once a Customer Journey has been mapped, we will support you to create a service blueprint of supporting backstage processes.

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Course Tutor(s)

Stuart Young

Innovation lead & trainer

Stuart is a professional live illustrator with extensive traditional/ Agile Project management experience and a deep-rooted appreciation for Agile Principles and Methodologies. He has harnessed his creative skills to translate concepts and processes into engaging visuals during workshops, events and conferences. With international notoriety within the Agile Community, Stuart has provided his services at various Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings/ Retreats. In addition he has illustrated at an endless list of popular Agile conferences such as the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, the Lean Agile Scotland Conference and the London Lean Kanban event. By combining both creative and analytical skills Stuart contributes to team visioning/ planning workshops and retrospectives by offering captivating visuals that crystallise ideas and learning. When he’s not coaching, delivering training and live illustrating, Stuart is running a number of ‘Innovation through Visualisation’ workshops to support individuals to gain the confidence to draw and collaborate effectively. The newly gained skills assist teams to solve problems and map ideas with the use of graphic metaphors and additional visualisation techniques. Stuart joined Radtac in 2015 where he continues to assist individuals, teams and organisations with an array of visualisation services.

Course Content

  • Principles of Design Thinking and Agile WOW
  • Visual Thinking Skills basics
  • Storyboarding techniques, structure and flow patterns
  • Identifying key Customer Journeys
  • Identifying Customers – Persona creation
  • Current state – Customer Journey Mapping
  • Current state Service Blue Printing
  • Future state Customer Journey Mapping

Learning Objectives

  • Make use of Visual Thinking skills to support a working group to identify customer needs, express ideas solve problems
  • Learn how to map a customer Journey to identify key ‘Moments of Truth’
  • Learn how Customer Journey Mapping can be applied to methods of Design Thinking and Agile Ways of Working


  • Business Analysts,
  • Product Owners,
  • Product Managers,
  • Scrum Masters,
  • Developers


This workshop does not have any pre-requisites.

Course Preparation

This workshop does not require any pre-course preparation.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

This workshop does not provide a formal certification and does not include an exam.

What You Receive

Three modules of high quality instruction from Radtac’s innovation Practice Lead, Stuart Young. Stuart is a professional business visualiser and Certified Scrum Practitioner with a deep-rooted appreciation of Agile Principles and methods of Design Thinking.

Online Details

We use Zoom video conferencing to host our live online courses via a virtual classroom. We recommend that before registering participants run a zoom test meeting and check system requirements to ensure they are able to connect. Participants will also use our digital workspace, Mural and our Agile Tools Mobile app for collaboration with the class and completing exercises for the duration of the course. You’ll find links below to test and explain requirements for each of these tools.

Zoom requirements


Zoom test meeting


Mural requirements


Agile Tools Mobile App


On registration full information will be provided via joining instructions to each partcipant with instructions on how to acess the virtual classroom and additional tools.

Still unsure? Talk to our team of friendly learning advisors, they are here to assist before, during and after your class if you have any questions.

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21 Apr 2022 Live-Online London | 1 day Early bird £252 +VAT
21 Apr 2022

Transforming customer pain points into levers for change

Live-Online London 1 day
Early bird £252 +VAT
Design & Innovation
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