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Visual Thinking Skills

Visualise your ideas and make team collaboration more effective

Visual Thinking Skills

Visualise your ideas and make team collaboration more effective

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Course Overview

Do you want to visualise your ideas and make team collaboration more effective?
Do you want to simplify messaging and create a shared vision?
Do you want to learn how to work more visually?

This course will provide you with basic drawing techniques needed for you to adopt, evolve and share your own visual vocabulary that you can use to generate ideas and solve problems within your organisation.


On 23 March 2020, the UK Government announced measures asking everyone to “stay at home”. As a result, our in-person training facilities and services are now closed until recommendations from official channels change.

Radtac are planning to continue to run all scheduled training as planned but via remote delivery during this time. For further information please see our COVID-19 policy here. While we understand in-person interactive collaborative training experiences are usually preferred by our clients, we want to ensure that during challenging times different approaches are available to support our clients.

Our Visual Thinking Skills displayed as Live-Online will therefore be facilitated via our virtual classroom and divided into three modules delivered across three-days from 1pm-4pm.

While we continue to also offer in-person events later in 2020, these events will be continually reviewed in line with latest advice and may be subject to change. If you have any questions please reach out to our team.

Course Tutor(s)

Stuart Young

Innovation lead & trainer

Stuart is a professional live illustrator with extensive traditional/ Agile Project management experience and a deep-rooted appreciation for Agile Principles and Methodologies. He has harnessed his creative skills to translate concepts and processes into engaging visuals during workshops, events and conferences. With international notoriety within the Agile Community, Stuart has provided his services at various Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings/ Retreats. In addition he has illustrated at an endless list of popular Agile conferences such as the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, the Lean Agile Scotland Conference and the London Lean Kanban event. By combining both creative and analytical skills Stuart contributes to team visioning/ planning workshops and retrospectives by offering captivating visuals that crystallise ideas and learning. When he’s not coaching, delivering training and live illustrating, Stuart is running a number of ‘Innovation through Visualisation’ workshops to support individuals to gain the confidence to draw and collaborate effectively. The newly gained skills assist teams to solve problems and map ideas with the use of graphic metaphors and additional visualisation techniques. Stuart joined Radtac in 2015 where he continues to assist individuals, teams and organisations with an array of visualisation services.

Course Content

Module 1 – The theory of Visual Thinking and drawing deep dive

We will focus on the why of Visual Thinking before progressing with drawing techniques and top tips. By the end of the session you will have a bank of reusable images to master and evolve.

Module 2 - Building your Visual Thinking Toolbox

We will focus on some key aspects of Visual Thinking including lettering techniques, title banners, containers; and layout, flow and structure patterns. You now have the ingredients to tell an impactful visual story.

Module 3 - Visual Facilitation and Active listening

During this final module we will run active listening exercises before simulating idea mapping and problem-solving exercises with the use of online graphic templates. Now you have the ability to embrace group diversity and convergent thinking virtually.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply visual thinking skills to support working groups to effectively express ideas and solve problems.
  • Discover visual thinking tools and techniques that will assist with business alignment and customer engagement.
  • Create the perfect conditions to enhance distributed innovation and accelerate learning.


This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn and improve their visualisation skills


This workshop does not have any pre-requisites.

Course Preparation

This workshop does not require any pre-course preparation. 

Certifying Bodies & Exams

This workshop does not provide a formal certification and does not include an exam. 

What You Receive

Three modules of high quality instruction from Radtac’s innovation Practice Lead, Stuart Young. Stuart is a professional business visualiser and Certified Scrum Practitioner with a deep-rooted appreciation of Agile Principles and methods of Design Thinking.

Also included are:

  • A pre course setup call (Live-Online events only)
  • Visual Thinking Handouts
  • A variety graphic-templates
  • A post course 20 minute follow up session (Live-Online events only)

Online Details

We use Zoom video conferencing to host our live online courses via a virtual classroom. We recommend that before registering participants run a zoom test meeting and check system requirements to ensure they are able to connect. Participants will also use our digital workspace, Mural and our Agile Tools Mobile app for collaboration with the class and completing exercises for the duration of the course. You’ll find links below to test and explain requirements for each of these tools.

Zoom requirements


Zoom test meeting


Mural requirements


Agile Tools Mobile App


On registration full information will be provided via joining instructions to each partcipant with instructions on how to acess the virtual classroom and additional tools.

Still unsure? Talk to our team of friendly learning advisors, they are here to assist before, during and after your class if you have any questions.

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