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Agile Foundations e-Learning

Learn the foundational principles, practices and techniques of Agile

Agile Foundations e-Learning

Learn the foundational principles, practices and techniques of Agile

Course Timings

This training course runs from 00:00 to 00:00 each day.

All times given are in the local timezone for the date of the course.

Course Overview

Agile is not just a time boxed, iterative approach to product delivery that builds incrementally from the start of the project. Agile is also a mindset, a way of work that allows product creators to easily adjust to stakeholder and user needs. The Agile mindset is built on the need to foster innovation, and to foster workplaces that support and promote innovation.

During this eLearning course you will learn the foundational principles, practices and techniques using videos from our Agile experts, interspersed with appropriate questions to ensure the participant has understood the subjects covered.

Course Content

Topics covered are:

  • Module 1– Why and What is Agile
  • Module 2 – History of Agile
  • Module 3 – Myths and Benefits of Agile

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course you will have a good understanding of:

  • Key differences between Agile approaches and traditional approaches and the benefits of Agile
  • Understand and be able to communicate the benefits of Agile
  • Explain how Agile approaches work in an iterative and incremental way
  • Recognise the purposed of typical Agile Roles.
  • Delivering quality and value through agile.
  • Being able to plan and control delivery of a product.
  • Understand an overview of some leading Agile methods.


This course is appropriate for anyone who wishes to get an insight into Agile.


This course does not have any pre-requisites.

Course Preparation

This course does not require any pre-course preparation.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

This course doesn't include any formal certification, however does include questions to check participants have understood the topics covered.

What You Receive

  • Twelve months access to available E-Learning Modules
  • Radtac Community membership including face-to-face and virtual networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, access to industry experts, special offers and invitations to special events


Users are able to access their e-Learning course and accompanying materials via the Radtac Learner Portal using a laptop, desktop or tablet. After registration, instructions on how to set up and access the portal will be sent to the email address provided. Please contact our Team training@radtac.com if you have any questions or require additional information.

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Learn the foundational principles, practices and techniques of Agile

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