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Scrum Master e-Learning

Explore the Scrum Master role within a Scrum Team

Scrum Master e-Learning

Explore the Scrum Master role within a Scrum Team

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Course Timings

This training course runs from 00:00 to 00:00 each day.

All times given are in the local timezone for the date of the course.

Course Overview

Our Scrum Master e-Learning will provide you with an understanding of the Scrum Framework including the roles, events and artefacts. It will teach you the basic skills you will need to use as a Scrum Master to build an effective scrum team.

The e-Learning is designed to be a step by step, easy to follow process allowing you to understand the specific actions you can take following programme completion to turn the learning into results.

Each module provides bite-sized learning on key topics focused around the role of a Scrum Master, embedding your knowledge of the Scrum Master role by using simulation, examples and regular questions throughout the programme.

The final Scrum Master Assessment will allow you to validate your foundational knowledge and understanding of Scrum and the responsibilities of the Scrum Master role. Your Scrum Master journey begins here!

What participants have said:

"The Radtac Scrum Master eLearning is a great introduction to the role of a Scrum Master. It introduced me to some new concepts, and it allowed me to identify areas which I need to develop in myself. I have used some modules a few times to refresh my knowledge. Thanks to Radtac"
Andy M, Scrum Master

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Scrum Master e-Learning for teams, organisations and enterprises are available on request. Contact a member of our team using the "team license enquiry" above to find out more about:

  • purchasing an e-learning license subscription
  • developing a bespoke e-learning programme and/or content for your organisation
  • developing a bespoke digital badge and learning pathway for your organisation
  • pairing e-learning with an optional one-day workshop, coaching and mentoring to embed learning and equip your teams with the knowledge, tools and confidence to deliver continuously, reduce stress and improve morale

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Agile
Module 2: Agile Working
Module 3: The Scrum Framework
Module 4: The Scrum Master and Other Roles
Module 5: Product Backlog and User Stories
Module 6: Estimation
Module 7: Scrum Events: Sprint Planning and Daily Scrum
Module 8: Scrum Events: Review and Retrospective
Module 9: Modes of a Scrum Master
Module 10: Sustaining Agility
Module 11: Scrum Master Final Assessment

Learning Objectives

At the end of this e-Learning, you will:

  • have a deeper knowledge of the Scrum framework
  • be able to explain Scrum roles, events and artefacts
  • have a clear understanding of the role of the Scrum Master
  • understand the importance of customer and colleague focus, continuous improvement & innovation
  • be able to articulate a product vision and facilitate stakeholder/customer engagement
  • understand prioritisation backlog refinement in order to continuously deliver customer value


This e-Learning is ideal if you:

  • want to discover & learn more about the role of Scrum Master within the Scrum Team
  • want to improve your confidence as a Scrum Master
  • are a Scrum Master wishing to validate their knowledge and advance their career
  • are a project manager, team leader, or someone who is transitioning to an Agile environment


This e-learning does not require any pre-requisites. All are welcome to undertake the programme and attempt the final Scrum Master assessment.

Course Preparation

This e-learning does not require any pre-course preparation. The e-learning has been designed to guide participants through 10 interactive modules before the final assessment. Participants may find it useful to read & familiarise themselves with the Scrum Guide as part of their learning.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

Following the completion of the 10 e-Learning modules, participants are encouraged to complete the Scrum Master Assessment. The Assessment consists of 20 questions. The pass mark is 80%. Successfully reaching the pass mark will issue a Radtac Scrum Master Digital Badge that can be used to demonstrate the learning undertaken and knowledge gained.

What You Receive

  • Access to 10 Scrum Master e-Learning modules for 12 months
  • Access to Scrum Master Final Assessment with Digital Badge on successful completion (the pass mark is 80%)
  • A variety of downloadable reference guides & templates to support you in your role
  • Links to additional reading articles with latest news, advice and tips from our team
  • Discount voucher to use towards further training programmes with Radtac to continue your Scrum Master learning journey
  • Join our community groups - Pragmatic Agile and Lean Social Network, Stand Up and Talk Agile, and London Scaled Agile Framework Meetup. Connect with like-minded peers and expand or share your learning in an informal setting.


Users are able to access their e-Learning course and accompanying materials via the Radtac Learner Portal using a laptop, desktop or tablet. After registration, instructions on how to set up and access the portal will be sent to the email address provided. Please contact our Team training@radtac.com if you have any questions or require additional information.

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Explore the Scrum Master role within a Scrum Team

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