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ICAgile Systemic Agile Coaching

Learn the skills to enable true business agility and build your Agile toolkit

ICAgile Systemic Agile Coaching

Learn the skills to enable true business agility and build your Agile toolkit

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Course Overview

Focusing your change efforts on the team is not enough. It takes change of leadership style, organisation structure, culture, and Lean principles across the organisation. Learn the skills to enable true business agility and build your Agile toolkit. For leaders at any level, external coaches, organisational development practitioners, consultants, and experienced Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, change management, HR, or anyone with an interest in Agile approaches at the enterprise level. This course is our own top-tier implementation of ICAgile’s Agility in the Enterprise based on our coaching expertise. ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP-ENT) awarded on successful completion.

Build your Agile toolkit to create true business agility with Lean, business process improvement, and customer-centric measures of agility such as OKRs. We will examine two popular Agile scaling frameworks to learn how to approach scaled Agile in a sustainable way.

Course Content

Welcome and Introductions

  • ICAgile Learning Outcomes
  • Warm-up activity and working agreement
  • Your needs for this course

Enterprise and Business Agility

Course participants will:

  • Analyze a value stream, explain the end-to-end relationship of elements across the value stream and explain how they fit together from a systems thinking perspective.
  • Analyze and explain the concepts of business agility, show how they extend beyond team-level and technical Agile implementations and identify organizational aspects that support or hinder business agility.

Organisational Structures and Processes

Course participants will:

  • Identify, categorize and apply models for scaling Agile adoption beyond single teams and beyond individual business areas into more complex structures.
  • Analyze and categorize elements of end-to-end business processes and model how they can be improved using an Agile approach.

Leadership and Culture

Course participants will:

  • Analyze leadership styles and blockers that exist to effective leadership team formation and implement approaches that will improve leadership relationships and effectiveness.
  • Analyze organizational culture, articulate it in a way that is clear to leaders and show how the culture supports or inhibits Agile adoption.
  • Apply the ideas, tools and techniques in a case study of an organization transforming to an Agile organization.

Continuing Your Development

  • Ethical considerations for coaching leaders and teams
  • Professional practice and continuing professional development

Learning Objectives

  • Apply business agility thinking and models to solve business problems
  • Infuse business process improvement with Agile approaches and supporting tools
  • Support leadership team to improve their maturity level via executive coaching
  • Design organisational systems and structures that enable high-performance
  • Integrate diversity of approaches to build in and sustain healthy team culture
  • Extend business and organisational agility mindsets, practices and values to the enterprise level


This course is excellent for professional coaches looking to learn what business agility really means and to build an Agile toolkit, as well as leaders in a change agent role, organisational development practitioners, consultants, experienced Agile Coaches, or anyone with an interest in Agile approaches at the enterprise level.



Course Preparation

You will be asked to write a short case study of your own organisation which will be used as material for the course exercises. Your course Joining Information email, sent one week before the course starts, will contain a short questionnaire to help you do this.

Certifying Bodies & Exams

On successful completion of this course, participants will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT). There are no exams however all participants will be expected to participate in all course exercises and complete some work asynchronously outside of the times that the course meets as a group. All participants will be expected to have their video cameras on at all times for online courses.

What You Receive

You will receive comprehensive online course materials and copies of the slides used by your instructor.

Course Address

We can train at a location of your choice.

Course Duration

Course duration - 5 days

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