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Certified courses

Training Locations - Where does Radtac run training courses?

Radtac is an international company with a business presence in several countries, across multiple continents.

Our main offices are located in:

UK – London, Leeds, Kent

US – Silicon Valley, California

Portugal – Lisbon, Porto

Pakistan – Lahore


We can deliver training – both from our public schedule and on-site training portfolio – in most geographies, irrespective of whether we have an office in that location.

Most courses from our public schedule take place in the UK and US, with additional training venues in select locations including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal.

Within the UK, we run both London-based courses, as well as regional courses across  the country. In the US, the majority of courses take place on the West Coast, and we can arrange additional venues across the states.

Check our scheduled courses and filter by country/city if you are interested in training in a specific location.

You can always enquire about organising an on-site training course at the location of your choice. We have run on-site courses all over the world and our trainers are highly experienced in delivering overseas training.

Need help finding a location you are interested in, or want to suggest a location for us to consider? Get in touch with us and let us know.

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